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So, my wife and I are planning a romantic escape to Vegas in April. I was wondering if you had any tips on things to do there besides laying poolside and catching a show in the evening. We’re not big gamblers – but we’ve seen so many great travel shows on Vegas that it seems like there is alot to do for those of us romantics who don’t want to break the bank doing it. Any ideas?


My husband and I just visited Las Vegas last summer and it ranks right up there with one of our most memorable vacations ever!!!!  There is always something to do in Vegas and I have heard that the hotels are very reasonable right now because of our sluggish economy.  I’ll share what we found enjoyable and hopefully our readers will do the same if they have visited as well.

So many hotels are on the strip and they each have a different feel about them. Take a walk down the strip and check them out but because you will be walking a lot, make sure you have comfortable footwear.   The ‘casino’ parts are basically the same so make sure to venture out to the shopping areas.  Here are a few hotels that really stick out in my mind:

The  Bellagio has a beautiful garden that you can walk through.  The garden has many great photo opts, so make sure you have your camera in tow.  My husband’s favorite scene at the Bellagio was the chocolate fountain, which is the window display for a bakery in the hotel.  If you are in this area at night then the water show is a ‘must see’.  The music, accompanied by a beautiful water show is shown every 10 minutes outside the Bellagio.   

The Venetian has a gondola ride that travels right down the middle of the hotel.  The tickets were $10 a piece and the ride is not long but it was a nice memorable experience for us.  A couple in the gondola next to us actually became engaged during their ride!!

Paris is a replica of the Eiffel Tower and it has an elevator that goes up high enough to see the entire strip.  Watching the Bellagio water shows from this elevator is supposedly one of the most romantic things you can do in the U.S.

MGM has a gold lion in their main lobby encompassed by beautiful flowers.  No, the lion is not real….the real lions are in the shopping area of this hotel.  If you time it right you can see the trainers feed the lions.  This happens to be the hotel that was showing KA……I’ll write more about KA in a moment.

We did take a walk down the entire strip and I honestly feel like I could go on and on about each hotel but unfortunately I don’t want to overwhelm you so here are some bullet points.  Many of the hotels have a live band playing and you can go one the dance floor to boogie on down.  The old strip, known as Freemont Street, is not too far.  There you can see some familiar sights from the older movies.  It is enclosed and they have a light show on the ceiling which is a lot of fun.

We did go to a few shows and if you have some money to spare I urge you to see a Cirque du Soleil show.  We watched KA and it is, by far, the best show I have ever seen.  They do perform a more risque show with partial nudity, so you want to be sure to research which show you are buying tickets for. 

Our downtime was spent at the pool just lounging and people watching right at our hotel.  We did rent a cabaña for a day.  It was nice to be able to get out of the heat and it was fully stocked with all the juice and water that you could drink.  Remember, we went in the summer so it was very hot!!

While we were in Vegas we did encounter some people trying to hand out ‘call girl’ information to everyone who walked by.  They smack their hands with the cards to get your attention.  They were easy enough ignore and look the other way.  By the end of the week these people had upped their game by wearing a sandwich board, that light up, exploiting women.  This was the only thing about Vegas that I did not like.  Hopefully they will be able to remove this from the streets in the near future.  If you see them up ahead just avoid eye contact or if you are more aggressive than me you may want to try educating them but then again I don’t think they spoke much English.

Vegas has endless amounts of shows and things to do.  I hope this list helps get you started on some ideas for your own memories.  Have fun and enjoy each other!!!!!!


  1. I feel like I’m commenting a lot but I’m so overwhelmed by this site! It just seems to have everything that I’ve been looking for. My husband and I didn’t have a real honeymoon so we decided that we are going to “elope” (shhh! don’t tell!) in June to Las Vegas. We are going to pretend like it’s our honeymoon and maybe even “get married” at a silly chapel. I’m so excited and have been trying to find things to do in Las Vegas. And y’all even had info on this! Wow, y’all have just about everything! 🙂

  2. Go see Penn & Teller, they have the greatest show on Earth.

  3. Oh, that’s so romantic!
    My hubby and I had a no-touch courtship, so when he proposed to me, he didn’t put the ring on my finger, he handed me the box. But after we got married, we made up for it. He ‘proposed’ again on our honeymoon and that time I got to thank him with a kiss 🙂 And we’ve probably done it again fifty times since!

  4. My wife and I went to Vegas last summer. We had a great time. There is a ton to see and do just walking around looking at the architecture of the buildings. We enjoyed the creativity that the hotels have in getting people to spend money.
    I will second the mention of Cirque du Soleil show. We went to Love, based on Beatles music, it was fabulous. The risque rating of that show is way less than the other shows. We went to the Blue Man Group and the Tournament of Kings. If you have to pick one go to a Cirque du Soleil show.

  5. (NB – Husband commenting here.)

    There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower is better than you think it will be. From the ground, it doesn’t look that high. From up in the air, it does. I took a diamond anniversary ring and presented it to my wife up top. I had visions of yelling to everyone “She said YES!” as if we had just gotten engaged, and having everyone on the strip cheer for us. But we were up WAY too high for anyone to be able to hear us.

    Be careful at the Penn & Teller show. They use pretty strong language. At one point they were trying to draw a distinction between profanity and vulgarity, but for me that doesn’t matter as much. I’m not a prude, but I was uncomfortable having my wife sit there and be forced to listen to it. The show was good, but I wouldn’t go again.

    IIf you’re looking for a magic show, go to Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo. Much more magic, better show, no language. Or Mac King (afternoon show) at Harrahs. It’s cheap and hilarious. Nothing risque at all. Enjoy!

  6. Me and my hubby are getting ready to go to Vegas for a “2nd honeymoon” since we didn’t really have a first one lol Anyways any ideas on places to go as far as food wise? And how about reservations? How bad would it be to just find a place there and be able to find a seat at a good restaurant? We also have some, eh hm, extra things we are doing there also but won’t go into detail on those LOL Thanks for any help 🙂

  7. Ok my husband and I just got back so much fun no place like it! Ok two restaurants we so enjoyed! One of them is mexican it was called El Segundo has incredible guacamole and margaritas if you are into that it is right outside of the mall across the street from the Wynn next to a sushi place my husband and I ate there 4 times while we were there but we love mexican! The other place we ate was called Trevi I ‘m pretty sure inside ceasars atruim it has the most awesome setting it appears as if you are outside but it is actually inside it is Italian very good it is right in the middle of the atruim. Also not sure of your age but we went to see Donnie & Marie absolutely fabulous kinda ages me a little to say it but they were really good! We stayed at the Trump which was really nice and we upgrated to a corner suite it was only 60 extra a night but well worth it! This hotel does not have a casino so it is nice if your not into that because it is much quieter we both gamble but didn’t miss having it in the hotel at all. Anyways hope this helps have a great time!!!!!

  8. Thank you that helps! I love mexican but hubby not quite as much as me lol but might try that italian one you had mentioned that one sounds neat. Thanks for the help 🙂

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