Position #62: The Dessert Menu


This is a simple oral sex position that could easily be used after a nice, private dinner for two, or anytime you find yourselves with private time in your kitchen.  For this position the wife simply sits on top of the kitchen table and spreads her legs wide, facing her husband.  She can lean back on her hands or elbows.  The husband sits in a chair as he normally would for dinner, except this is dessert time!

The husband is then able to perform cunnilingus on his wife.  You may need to alter this somewhat to fit your kitchen.  This position can be done on a bar or even your kitchen counter.

Pros: The table or bar lifts the wife up so that the husband has easy access.

Cons: The wife will be sitting on a hard surface, which may become uncomfortable after a while.

Tip: Make sure you trade places so that the wife gets her dessert too! 😉



  1. Mmm mmm low calorie bliss! When do you girls find that much alone time. With young children, (and teenagers with friends) we are never alone. I guess it will have to go in the memory bank for down the road.

  2. Our alone time is called: SEND THE KIDS TO GRANDMA’S HOUSE FOR THE NIGHT! 😆

    Seriously, we have two kids in elementary school and the only ‘alone time’ we get is when they have an overnight stay at their grandparent’s house. So we definitely know what you mean!

  3. We have 9 and grandma’s not as young as she used to be 🙂 We actually went away for the weekend just last weekend. That was fun. They also do go to grandma’s quite a bit or there aunt’s house. I was just saying it’s never spontaneous! Believe me we do find time to be with each other. It’s a priority :). I was just joking with you.

  4. We live in a different state than our extended family and the one babysitter we could use has moved as well. Date night for us is putting the kids to bed early for some alone time. Putting safety gates up in their doorways to keep them from being able to sneak out of their rooms helps as well. My husband sometimes goes for take-out dessert while i’m getting them to bed. We make sure we get at least one real date night though whenever grandma visits!

  5. Ah, so that’s why my parents sent me to grandma’s or my cousin’s all the time 😛 Guess they taught me well, I’ll do the same when we have kids!

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