Monday’s Mission #52

Your mission this week is to be sure that you and your husband have planned for your vacations this year. Plan to make them special. Whether you travel far or stay close to home, go to a theme park or go camping, be sure that you spend some time planning for them as they will be lifelong memories for you and your family. You might even consider staying home and taking day trips to the tourist areas of your area.


  1. My husband & I have just planned this very thing! We are trying to save money, so are staying close to home, but taking day trips, having picnics, not worrying about’ll be bliss!!

  2. We try to plan a trip and go somewhere every year. Last year we travelled west for a wedding in CA. We took our Big van, 8 children and headed west. We spent 2 1/2 weeks living in hotels, but it was awesome. We covered 10 states and all the sights/national parks we could find. Yes, it was a bit costly, but I think well worth all the memories our family will have.
    We also packed everyone up and headed to S.Dakota last september for a huge 3 day, totally free christian concert.What better way to spend family time, but worshipping GOd through music!
    This year we are headed east, Philadelphia, DC and… I’m not sure what else.
    Just “do it” getting away makes for great memories whether it’s you and DH or a big crew.

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