Interview with Amy: Seeing Your Beautiful Form

If you have read and enjoyed any of the following articles, then you are going to love this idea.

I have a friend, Amy Rueter, who is an artist and has a passion to use her talents to help women see their God-given beauty. I interviewed her so we could learn more about her work.

Explain what kinds of sexy art you paint?

I paint wives for their husbands–they are subtly sexy; classy enough to hang in the living room, beautiful enough for a husband to be happy!

What is your motivation for painting women?

I have always loved the female form; I trained in college by drawing nudes for 4 years and just always loved how a woman’s body curves and rounds and captures light and shadow. From there, I would find myself looking at every woman I saw to see her proportions and to find her ‘beautiful line’. Every woman, regardless of size, has a beautiful line. And most of them don’t know it! I was inspired by the work of a female photographer who worked with anorexic patients to show them their beauty through photography, and felt like that was something every woman could benefit from, so I experimented. First, I had photos taken of me and I worked from them. I then dragged my best friend into the act! She posed for me, but kept her underwear on and would only show me her back. I was able to just draw her and leave the underwear out of it. She loves the picture, as does her husband. It just blossomed from there!

What do you find to be the biggest reservation that women have with getting sexy portraits done?

Christian women usually have modesty issues (which is one reason why I want to work with them most), and others it’s the typical ‘my body isn’t perfect’ feeling. And I can understand–I mean, it would be intimidating for *me* to sit for a stranger!That’s part of the reason why I had my own photos taken by a friend–so I could understand how vulnerable it can be!

What is your response to those reservations?

I explain how my training in school was very much like how doctors get exposed to anatomy; gynecologists get used to seeing things up close and personal, I’m used to seeing all kinds of bodies. I share with them the various things I’ve seen from piercings, tattoos and shapes. I find that makes them relax and understand what I see, which is mainly line and shadow. I also show them the portrait I did of my own body if they want to see.I’m also a big goof ball, so we are laughing a lot in a session–that helps tremendously!!

Do you have any examples of your work?

(Warning: links contain nude images of women from behind)

Please feel free to email me for more examples of my work.

(Note: Amy sent us many of examples of her work and said to use whatever we wished to use in the article. Her work is beautiful and you can get something a lot spicier if that’s what you are looking for.)

Is there a way for our readers to contact you to have a painting done? What if they don’t live in your area? Can you paint from a photo? What size picture do you need, if so? Lighting and posing issues?

They can email me at; I may be able to work from a photo I didn’t take and am trying to do that with a woman in Texas right now. I have worked only with local women thus far but am open to the possibilities. It would be hard because I can’t then choose the beautiful line, but husbands often can πŸ™‚

How long does it take to have a painting done?

It truly depends on the style used; I have one way of doing a portrait with a palette knife that takes an intense afternoonthese tend to be more abstract; the more life-like pictures take a few weeks, depending on size.I’m also happy drawing–and indeed, some of my very best work has been a simply line drawing from warm-ups!

What is the cost of having a painting done?

Pricing for paintings is based on the size and style, and starts at $300 and goes up. Time-wise, a sitting takes about an hour, maybe less, and I like to have a second sitting to get the color and shadows just right–that one may take longer. Drawings are cheaper–more like $100, less if I do a brilliant line drawing that day!

Thanks Amy, for sharing your love of art with us.


  1. I think that this would also be a great idea for pregnant women to help them see & appreciate the beauty of their pregnant bodies!

  2. Hi!

    I have also put myself out there for pregnant women as well–I love that phase of life! Due to life and being a mom as well as the schedules of pregnant women, I’ve only gotten to work with one 😦

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