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One of our readers sent the following email:

My wife and I are going to to celebrate our 6th anniversary in May and I would like to go ahead and at least begin to plan our “date night”.  I would really like to absolutely blow her away with a surprise mini vacation or something.  I can spend around $500.00 to do whatever.  I’ve done the hotel with candlelit dinner before and am thinking about doing it again, but would like some ideas to change things up and make them more exciting.  Thank you in advance for your help.

I offered to write a response because I have had numerous opportunities to go away with my husband and they are most certainly some of our favorite memories. We have taken the opportunity in times of financial plenty and in times of needing to live sparingly. We always found a way to save enough, even if it was for one night at moderately priced accommodations.

With a $500 budget you can certainly manage a night at a luxurious hotel or quaint inn. Depending on what your wife is craving at this time of her life you want to consider if she needs a more peaceful setting or a exciting metropolitan. I have thoroughly enjoyed both and both offer great opportunities to celebrate your anniversary.

If you live near a big city, there is a lot in the way of entertainment to enjoy such as live theater or concerts, wonderful restaurants, and most hotels can give you a list of things to do in the city if you are less familiar with the area. Be prepared to do some walking since most of the time a new city is a lot of fun to explore by foot, but be aware of safety issues as some of the areas may not be good neighborhoods to walk around. Again, your hotel should be able to advise you on issues like this.

If your wife leads a very busy life, she may be craving something more relaxing. Maybe she needs a time where she can go for a peaceful walk with her man or she can just sit back and relax while other people bring her drinks and food. A nice inn or bed and breakfast nestled in a wooded area or on the waterfront can be a really nice option in this case. Definitely try to find a place with a private jacuzzi if your wife enjoys that. Most of the women I have talked to enjoy the intimacy that a hot tub can provide. One place we stayed at had one nestled in a treed area of the property. It was really nice. Another one was indoors in the guest area of the house.

A word on a couple of practical issues. For just one night, my personal opinion is that traveling to the destination shouldn’t take much more than an hour, or two at the most. If you can manage a full weekend, then you could probably look to further areas. Also, assuming that your wife still menstruates, try to plan it around her cycle so that she isn’t having her period when you go away. The other consideration is, of course, the fact that you may have children. If you are blessed to have family that can care for them, then asking them to stay with your kids is an option. Parents, siblings, cousins. Think about people in your family who might be able to help out with this. The other thing you can think about is doing a swap with some friends. You watch their kids for a night for them and then they do the same for you. Your church family may be a good place to look for relationships that allow for this. If you really are at a loss as to how you can manage a night away without your kids, start praying for God to bring people into your life who you can trust to care well for your kids. It will be good for you and for your kids. Also, if you have a baby, you have the option of bringing him or her along. We did that once when my first was 3 months and I was still nursing. It was still a wonderful getaway, so make the best of whatever situation you are in. It won’t be that way forever.

Whether it is an active getaway or a more laid back one, its a really great opportunity to focus on one another. Bring along coconut oil for a full body massage. Make a concerted effort to learn more about your spouse. Try some new things sexually and enjoy the old faithfuls. Talk about your dreams for the future. No matter what your love language is, a weekend excursion will provide you with an opportunity to show and receive a tremendous amount of love. Walking hand in hand in a beautiful setting, conversing over a succulent dinner, laughing together at a comedy show. All of these are great chances for love and intimacy to blossom. Enjoy it! And seal the memories in your heart to enjoy again later 🙂

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  1. Another hint that you may or may not utilize is what I call the “surprise date”
    My honey and I do these every so often, and they’re always fun. You let them know that one is ocming up, but don’t give any further details than that
    Then when the day comes, you “kidnap” them 🙂 We’ve done everything from staying overnight in a hotel to going to the zoo to volunteering at a homeless shelter to couples massage. Think about things your darling likes, what are things they’ve said they always wanted to do but haven’t yet (my honey wanted to get a massage but had never done it…so I surprised him with a day at the spa)

    Have fun with it 🙂 You don’t need money to make great memories

  2. You are right, Jada! For our 10-yr anniversary I “kidnapped” my husband to a weekend getaway at a 4 star hotel! I had pre-arranged the sitter (grandma) and I even packed his bag when he wasn’t looking! He was shocked that I had taken the initiative to plan, organize, and carry out the entire thing alone, without him realizing what was going on. That was a memorable weekend away! 🙂

  3. Quality is nice – but sometimes so it quantity. If you can get the time off, a couple of days together, with nothing you have to do, is really nice. My bride and I managed a whole week for our last anniversary – it was awesome!

    < Paul

  4. My husband has been away for almost a month for business. He will be coming home (hopefully) late Friday night. I baught rose petals and Hershy chocolate kisses… But, honestly I dont have a clue how I can decorate the room. I thought about mixing the pink petals with the red petals, and light the candles around the bed but I dont think it will look right. Please, can anyone give me advice? And I would like to cook him dinner, but I don’t know of any recipes besides a pasta dish that I can make with the limited amount of time I will have. Thanks.

  5. Hey sammyswife***
    I’ll share what has worked for me. Forgive my assumptions but here goes….
    Be prepared for delays but still have a game plan…a few times, my 30 + travel hours husband did not have the energy for sex so I had to swallow my pride, deal with my female angst and work my plan for the next morning! Stay confident and be all woman.

    #1….have the front entry way totally clean and smelling welcoming.

    #2….have the kitchen entirely cleaned up. Tip : go light on the food…you want great sex and large meals are not a good idea.
    Fridge fare light with raw veggies and dip. Cold cuts are great for a hungry guy. Hint…have a bit with him as many deli meats have garlic added to them!
    Have iced tea waiting in a jug
    Buy breakfast goodies so you can enjoy lying in the day after. Simple foods like cereals or yoghurts.

    #3….all bedding washed and dried to a crisp.
    Rose petals on his pillow may spark his imagination since he has returned to your bed…you are all woman so let it show.
    Candles add a romantic touch so put them everywhere.
    {Remaining rose petals and hershey’s kissies could decorate your naked self once you begin to make love….light and fun; could be sexy depending on how you display ‘your chocolates’.}

    #4….get that bedroom bathroom super clean. No one likes grunge. CLEAN.

    #5…. I would take a full bath before he gets home so that I KNOW I am squeaky clean in my flower region!
    Smell gorgeous for that first welcome home hug/smooch and then back off….WWHHHAATTT.
    Calm sultryness, lady…
    Let your man get into the house, chuck his bags down (or unpack them, as my man insists on doing, growl ) and then your fun can begin. Eat a snack, if he wants to, then lead him by the hand to your room and start to play.

    #6….turn on some sultry music…loud enough to hide your passionate noises if you have kids like I do.

    #6….My man loves massages…have some coconut oil or light olive oil ready. A small amount of fragrant oil can be added. Have towels to lay on the bed whilst he’s showering … ( take another one yourself…super clean remember )…towel him dry if you can manage it.
    Build his anticipation.

    —Don’t take getting to know each other, again, lightly—.

    Start him on his front and massage his shoulders,arms,back and butt. His lower back has been strained so take extra time getting those muslces to relax. Take his hamstrings to task and then calves. Pay attention to his feet and toes.

    DON’T LET HIM TAKE CONTROL YET….ask him to flip over and begin again from the toes,calves and thighs. Skirt his ‘beautiful’ but concentrate on his abs then chest, arms,hands and neck. Try to give his face a massage and maybe his scalp.

    THEN, if you have done your job well….free your inner, passionate, spice woman, throw yourself into kissing him and enjoy the ride 😉

  6. If he comes home really late, he may prefer to eat supper earlier, on his way home. Maybe brunch? His favorite breakfast foods? Too heavy of a meal right before we want some action can really put the damper on the action! Don’t know if you have kids at home, in that case this idea might not work, but a trail of rose petals from the front (or garage) door to your room may be more fun. 🙂

    Once my husband made a trail of small tea lights from our bathroom down the hall to our room while I was showering. 🙂 Just watch where the candles are. We were visiting family once, and had a nice candle in a tin. It was burning on a wide bookshelf headboard behind my head, and suddenly my husband was grabbing my flaming pillow, and throwing it on the floor to extinguish the flame. (Thankfully the floor was terra-cotta tile!)

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