My Toys Melted!

I sit here writing this post still somewhat in shock.  How could this happen to me?  I thought I knew how to take care of my toys.  I didn’t think that I’d go to my toy drawer one day, and find my beloved toys MELTED! 😯

So here’s the scoop.  I was actually cleaning my house, when I went to put something up in my nightstand drawer.  Upon opening the drawer, I spied my bullet and remembered that the battery had died in it.  I took it out and then proceeded to my toy drawers, where I keep the extra batteries for them.  I opened the middle of the three drawers and couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me!  Three of my toys looked like they had… melted!  How could this be?  They weren’t even touching each other!  😥

I quickly scanned over the entire drawer, looking for anything like battery acid or a leaking bottle of lube or something.  I found nothing.  The only batteries I kept in there were the small batteries like would fit in a watch, and they were in their proper container and not corroded.  There was no lube because the only lube we have is coconut oil anyway and it sits out on top of my nightstand.  The toys were all separated and NOT touching.  There was at least 2″ in between each toy.  I was shocked and puzzled.  😦

I picked up the three toys that were melted.  Two of them were ruined, but they were the most inexpensive toys that I own.  One was a simple jelly penis ring that was stretchy, and the other was a jelly toy as well.  Both were under $12 each.  The third toy was a tongue toy that was made of cyberskin material.  It was more expensive ($40) and looked like a real tongue and had two speeds.  It wasn’t totally ruined.  Part of the end of it had melted and I was able to take some scissors and cut away the melted parts.  It is still useable.

Google to the rescue!  While trying to figure out what happened, I stumbled upon a page that seemed to be offering an explanation for me.  Let me go ahead and say that this is not a Christian site and some of the links on this page may take you to places you’d rather not go, but this page itself has no nudity and actually has some really good information about how to take care of and store your toys.  The page is on the website: Talk Sex With Sue Johanson and here is the link:  Care & Maintenance of Sex Toys.

I knew that I wasn’t supposed to store toys made of different materials together touching.  I had all my toys laid out in a very organized fashion in three separate drawers.  They were all spaced apart from each other so I assumed they were fine.  Apparently the toys can STILL melt if they are kept in the same small area together.  The above page suggests that you store all your toys separately in baggies.  Who knew that you needed to go to such lengths?  (Okay, if you knew, then don’t rub it in.  Just keep it to yourself.)

Anyway, I wanted to post this for all of you women out there, just in case you thought you were being careful like me.  I’ve had toys for almost 15 years and have NEVER had this to happen before.  I thought that the precautions I’ve always taken were enough.  So now what is my advice for those of you out there who own multiple toys?  Invest in ziploc bags.  😉


  1. hmmm, weeeeeird….
    This makes me wonder, if these toys will melt each other, how safe are the substances that they are made of to your body?

    on an only slightly related topic – you mentioned coconut oil – I love it at a moisturizer 🙂
    here’s the question: I’m pregnant for the first time (15 weeks along) and my nipples are really sore and get dry – I’m using coconut oil, is that a good idea or might it be extending the problem?

  2. I would try natural Lanolin on it instead. Something like this should work very well.
    It will also help you when you start breastfeeding with soreness and dryness.

    And I have been wondering lately about the safety of toys as well. Personally, I am trying to find toys that are free of phthalates from now on. And some of them are, but they cost more. In my opinion I would rather pay more for something that had less potential to have a negative effect on my body. The first egg vib I got was really good, but when I got my Jack Rabbit I was shocked at how bad it smelled of chemicals when I first opened the box. Some of the more costly toys that I have found which appear to be phthalate free are made by Eroscillator and Lelo. Both are on my wish list when we have the money to put towards that again.

  3. They melted?! AHHH! I just ran to my drawer and checked, and I’m okay, but thanks for the advice! I’ll invest in some radioactive proof baggies :P.

  4. This is not on the topic of melting, but I wasn’t sure where to put it…does anyone know of any web sites that sell toys for a reasonable price, but doesn’t have offensive pictures? The few Christian sites seem pretty expensive, and usually don’t have what I’m looking for anyway.

  5. Check the links in our blogroll in the right sidebar. Many of those sell intimacy items like toys and lingerie.

  6. Thanks. 🙂 I’ll look.

  7. I was wondering if you use the coconut oil with your toys and, if so, have you had any problems with it damaging them? My husband and I have several toys which are made of silicone or elastomer. Unfortunately, I’m getting to that age/stage where lube will make things more comfortable, but I’m having bad luck finding a commercial lube that doesn’t cause allergic reactions in one of us. Thus my interest in the coconut oil.
    Toy sellers are very quick to tell you which toys to use water-based lubes with and which ones to use silicone-based lubes with, but if you bring up the subjects of natural oils, they draw a blank.

  8. I was wondering about the coconut oil/toys thing too! We just ordered our first two toys, which haven’t arrived yet. (It’s taking too long!) I used to think they were sinful, but finding this site has been great for us. I mean, we had a fabulous sex life before, but it is great to finally feel freedom in these fun, new things. Coconut oil is what we use, so I have wondered about how it will affect the toys.

  9. Hi, has any had any problem with any toy causing a yeast infection? I had never heard of coconut oil as a lube… I love this site. It has been very helpful and enlightening. Thank you all for a great job on here.

  10. I think the coconut oil is best kept out of the bedroom. If used during sex, oils change the ph of the vagina, which encourages bacterial growth.

  11. People have been using Coconut Oil as a lubricant for sex for years. We’ve been using it for almost 4 years and it has never caused any kind of infection with either of us. It also had nothing to do with my toys melting, because I always clean my toys thoroughly after each use before I put them away.

  12. You may want to read this article: Sex Toys Cause Yeast Infections?

  13. Does anybody know of a ‘safe place’ to buy sex toys on the internet that will deliver to Australia? Both Amazon and Book22 won’t

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