Position #65: Catcher’s Position

The position that we affectionately call “Catcher’s Position” is a hot one!!!  It is not exclusive to baseball fans either.  You can get into position by squatting down while placing your feet flat on the bed while your husband gets behind you on his knees.  This is a true test of strength for your legs.  Feel free to hold a headboard or you can reach down and balance yourself by touching your mattress.  You can adjust yourself to whatever feels most comfortable.  If your legs start to get tired simply have your husband help with the movement by grasping your hips to help you along.

The squatting positions, like the spring as well as this one, seem to give different sensations for the husband, as well as the wife.  They are very strenuous positions but it helps if you focus on the pleasure your husband is receiving.  The more you do it the less taxing it will be.  Have fun!!  Batter up!!!!!


  1. Don’t understand this position. How then does he get in? Is movement really possible this way? Who does the movement?

  2. I probably over explained getting into position.
    This position is just like typical rear entry except you will be squatting instead of kneeling. Another way to get into position is to have him enter you, like a typical rear entry, then place the bottoms of your feet on the bed so that you are in a squatting position. He can move your hips or you can do the movement by rocking back and forth. Yes, movement is possible but your legs may start to get sore. If that is the case just have him move your hips for you.
    I hope this answers some of your questions.

  3. !0x. That really helped.

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