Position #66: Front Row

This position is another unique one that requires a couple of chairs.  You need to position the chairs face to face and touching each other.  The husband sits in one and the wife in the other, facing each other.  They scoot their bottoms towards each other until they are able to achieve penetration.

They each have their legs positioned up on the sides of the chair.  This helps them get leverage.  They are able to use their legs to help them pick up their weight just a little and thrust.  If you are having a hard time picturing this one, then click here to see an example of what it looks like.  Now you can see why it’s called the Front Row, right?  Both of you are  sitting front and center, with an awesome view of the action! 😎

Personally, I think that you could use much more comfortable chairs than wooden ones.  I think that soft chairs with arms would be great!  Another thing is that in this position, the husband may be able to reach out and touch his wife’s breasts, depending on how far apart they position themselves.  If they are just out of reach, then she can fondle herself for him. 😉

Pros: You each get to see the action and one of you could hold a vibe to the wife’s clitoris if that is needed.

Cons: The chairs you use may be uncomfortable.  You may find it more difficult to thrust.

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  1. Thanks for another great one cumin. Will try it out and get back to you, though I think this may not be for the ‘not very athletic’ (LOL !)

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