All Things Crotchless!

So ladies, do you own anything crotchless?  You know, lingerie that is “open”?  If you don’t then let me take this opportunity to recommend some things to you!

Crotchless panties are really nice!  When you first get them, you may think they look kind of strange.  When I got my first pair, it actually took me a minute or two to figure out how to put them on.  😳   But once I had them on, I felt a bit empowered.  I walked around with my sexy little secret trying to decide when to tell my husband.  And when he found out what I had bought and was wearing, of course it made his anticipation go up!  Here are a couple of examples of what they look like.  The first one is backless panties and it is great for rear entry positions because it frames your hiney for him!  All of these pictures are of mannequins:

Crotchless teddies or body stockings are even better!  Those of you with body image issues listen up!  If you can find a good crotchless teddy (or body stocking), then you will have your body covered in lace or satin, and you won’t have to remove it to have sex.  You and your husband are able to make love while you keep your teddy on, and you don’t have to worry about your love handles or tummy area!

Making love with crotchless lingerie is an awesome feeling.  It’s nice eye candy for your husband too, especially if you have an open bust!  Many of the crotchless teddies and bodysuits also come with an open bust area, so that your husband has access to your breasts.  That way he is still able to see them and give you stimulation there as well.  A perfect example is the Open Front Teddy.

It was very hard searching for examples to link to without having scantly clad models pop up on my screen.  I wrote to Passions Lingerie and told them of my dilemma.  They stocked examples of what I requested and then displayed them on mannequins.  I am so appreciative to them for their help. So, to see further examples of things that are crotchless, you can now click here, guilt free, to view the pieces. The wonderful thing about Passions Lingerie (also known as Three Passions Gifts)  is that you are also able to show it to your husband and get his opinion on the lingerie without subjecting him to half naked women.

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