All Things Crotchless!

So ladies, do you own anything crotchless?  You know, lingerie that is “open”?  If you don’t then let me take this opportunity to recommend some things to you!

Crotchless panties are really nice!  When you first get them, you may think they look kind of strange.  When I got my first pair, it actually took me a minute or two to figure out how to put them on.  😳   But once I had them on, I felt a bit empowered.  I walked around with my sexy little secret trying to decide when to tell my husband.  And when he found out what I had bought and was wearing, of course it made his anticipation go up!  Here are a couple of examples of what they look like.  The first one is backless panties and it is great for rear entry positions because it frames your hiney for him!  All of these pictures are of mannequins:

Crotchless teddies or body stockings are even better!  Those of you with body image issues listen up!  If you can find a good crotchless teddy (or body stocking), then you will have your body covered in lace or satin, and you won’t have to remove it to have sex.  You and your husband are able to make love while you keep your teddy on, and you don’t have to worry about your love handles or tummy area!

Making love with crotchless lingerie is an awesome feeling.  It’s nice eye candy for your husband too, especially if you have an open bust!  Many of the crotchless teddies and bodysuits also come with an open bust area, so that your husband has access to your breasts.  That way he is still able to see them and give you stimulation there as well.  A perfect example is the Open Front Teddy.

It was very hard searching for examples to link to without having scantly clad models pop up on my screen.  I wrote to Passions Lingerie and told them of my dilemma.  They stocked examples of what I requested and then displayed them on mannequins.  I am so appreciative to them for their help. So, to see further examples of things that are crotchless, you can now click here, guilt free, to view the pieces. The wonderful thing about Passions Lingerie (also known as Three Passions Gifts)  is that you are also able to show it to your husband and get his opinion on the lingerie without subjecting him to half naked women.


  1. As always cumin, 10x 1ce again for doing all the hard work for us all; and sorry about any insult to your eyes while you were at it. God’s blessings.

  2. thanks for this – I’ve always thought they looked really weird, but I think my husband might actually like them, you’ve given me inspiration to go and try one. thanks 🙂

  3. I had forgotten that I own *several* of these fun items…they’re in a tote at the bottom of my closet. Time to go through the closet, I think! How fun!!!

  4. Awesome post, Cumingirl! I was just at a wedding this past weekend at which the bride was talking about all the tiny frilly items she got at her lingerie shower. I wonder why we let this aspect of our relationship slip as we get “old and married”?! Thanks for reminding us to keep that sexy part of our relationship alive!

  5. Thanks, I just ordered! Should be fun!

  6. I own a couple pairs – a great way to spice things up. Didn’t even know they existed until last year.

  7. Those white frilly ones are really pretty! It says One Size though?

  8. I have ordered the Open Scalloped panties. Those say one size also. I am a size 16. They fit just fine. Hope that helps. And hubby loves them.

  9. I have a pair of black fishnet crotchless pantyhose. The first time I wore them, I wore them with a knee length straight skirt and black heels. While out on a date, I told my husband they were crotchless. He almost died! Now when I wear them out and he goes crazy. He just wants to get home. I sure hope I never get in an accident. What would the drs. think!?

  10. This made me smile! As a nurse at a big trauma hospital, believe me when I tell you that the state of your undies or pantyhose would be the last thing we were worrying about. If you were really hurt they’d be cut off anyway, and if they were removed otherwise, most nurses would be like ‘you go girl’!

  11. I “de-crotched” a pair of undies I already had and surprised my hubby with them. He loved it. The open front idea is also a great one. My “breast man” loves anything with easy access. I was delighted the other day to find a really pretty, lacy bra with the perfect option for him. It was a nursing bra, lol, and while I’m way past my nursing stage, he is loving this “new” concept. I haven’t told him what it actually is. I’m fine if he wants to think it’s the latest in sexy, fantasy-fulfilling lingerie.

  12. I try to buy racy underwear every year for our anniversary. Sometimes because of the kids and such, I don’t actually wear them on the day of our anniversary, so they make a fun surprise maybe a few weeks later. My sister is getting married, so we went to Frederick’s of Hollywood in the mall to get her some frillies, and I came home with two adorable pairs of crotchless panties that my husband loves to find me wearing!

  13. I know this is way back in the archives but I hope you will see it anyway. I may be confused since I have never owned a crotchless anything but are the crotchless ones the same as the ones without a backside? If not, where do you get those panties that frame your fanny? My H is fan of my rear end and I know he would love those. I checked out 3 Passions but they didn’t have the backless ones. 😦 Or maybe they do I just don’t know enough to recognize them. Thanks!

  14. Backless panties are different, and I’ve done a google search and found some, but all the sites i see use live models. They look easy enough to find/order but i’m not aware of any Christian lingerie stores that stock them. If i find out differently i’ll let you know!

  15. Victoria’s Secret has a panty called the cheeky that is very cute. Your husband might approve of those also!

  16. Our local mall has a Frederick’s of Hollywood that sells the backless kind that “frame your fanny”. I find that that’s a fun place to get racy underthings, although they are certainly not the most modest in their advertisements (to be fairly warned).

  17. Thanks ladies…am thinking of combining them with a maid’s outfit in order to share with my H two things he adores, my keister and a clean house LOL

  18. I bought a pair to try with my husband and he thought they looked weird (his words exactly…). I think they just might have been too big for me. I might try the crotchless body stocking though. He loves when I work out in a unitard.

  19. has a pair that is crotchless and nearly backless – just few thin strips of material cover the backside. I just got a pair and think they are pretty hot! Just to let you know, that site does use real models, so you probably don’t want to send your DH there to look around!

  20. We have not had good luck with anything crotchless. Wearing nothing at all is preferred to wearing something that is like a couple of wide ribbons. We tried crotchless pantyhose because my DH loves the feel of nylon, but it seemed like the seam around the opening always rubbed against his rod which was anything but pleasurable. So now we just go with thigh highs so he gets to feel nylon on my legs and nothing gets in the way close to where the action is going on.

  21. I was just wondering, if any of you who wear these out with your DH, if you have any trouble with your juices coming out onto your clothes/ what do you do to deal with it?

  22. I do wear these out 🙂 I had one problem when we went out to dinner right after we had sex. It was during a marriage retreat weekend… As we were getting in to the elevator after the dinner to go back to the room a lady behind me said, “Excuse me, but you have something on your skirt.” I was wearing a medium colored skirt that showed a wet spot. It just looked like I sat in something, but I was so embarrassed because I knew what it was! I had a feeling I was leaking. I think it’s only an issue if you just had sex…or if you naturally have lots of juices. If not, do it and have fun. It totally turns my husband on to know that I’m wearing something so hot while out to dinner! 😉

  23. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m not fond of open breast teddies or crotchless panties but….I might go buy some.

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