Position #67: Up Close & Personal

Here is another oral position for you ladies out there!  This is a FAVORITE in my house and we do it almost every time we make love.  All you need is your bed, although a sofa may work as well.

The wife lays flat on her back on the bed, but scoots all the way down to where her rear end is at the edge of the bed.  Her genitals need to be flush with the edge.  The husband kneels between her legs so that his face is right there.  The wife lifts her legs up and over his shoulders.  He can then wrap his arms around her legs and reach up to cup her breasts while he is pleasuring her orally.  If her legs get tired, she can place her feet directly on his shoulders.

Pros: The wife is lying down so she is very comfortable.  The husband is able to sit on the floor or on his knees and give oral attentions to his wife without getting a kink in his neck.

Cons: The height of your bed may play a role in you being able to do this one.


  1. got to love this one! We like to do this on the couch so that I can easily look down & watch him at work!!! Woohoo!!!

  2. My wife and I use this technique also. I think it is worth mentioning that this position is great for allowing the man to massage his wife’s g-spot with a finger (or toy) at the same time.

    But guys, start gentle, and add the g-spot stimulation only after she gets warm. Too much internal stimuli too soon can be almost painful for some women.

  3. I am usually not a big fan of oral for myself, but this was AMAZING! Thanks!

  4. I wish my honey would do oral for me….I’ve tried talking to him about it…he just doesnt’ like giving or receiving it
    I think he doesn’t like receiving it because I’m bad at it
    but I guess I’d like the chance to keep trying…he’s just not willing to give it

    and I guess I’ll put this position in the data bank for the day when he’s finally ready to try oral on me again

  5. I share your frustration Jada. Only, my wife enjoys giving it, not receiving. I am usually more concerned with her pleasure and satisfaction than I am for my own. (Those nights when it’s difficult to walk to the bathroom are the best.)

    For us, I really needed to communicate what was good or bad. Dragging teeth, inconsistent speed, pinching, etc were all things I needed to express to her, otherwise she doesn’t know what works. She has always been receptive to my feedback and grateful that we are so open with each other.

    Your probably not as bad as you think, just inexperienced or rusty. From a guys perspective, teeth dragging is a big one. Keep your spirits high and your mind open. Sounds like your heart is in the righ place.

  6. Tried thiis last night. It was great!!! I haven’t learned to orgasm with oral but it is a great way to get started. We finished together PIV. My husband loves to give oral, so it is a part of all our sessions.

    It is his mission in life to help me “O” with oral sex. We are now looking into toys for help after 15 years of marriage.

    Thanks for having this site.

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