Position #68: The Jackknife

This is a cunnilingus position that is sure to put a smile on your faces ladies!  You will need to be beside a piece of furniture or your bed.  To get into position you stand beside your bed and lift one leg and place it on top of the bed (or other piece of furniture.)  This is similar to the way a ballet dancer warms up before she dances…when she places one foot up on the rail and stretches.  Except you aren’t worrying about stretching.  You can bend your leg at the knee if it’s more comfortable for you.

So now you will be standing on one leg with the other leg up on your bed.  You will have totally opened up yourself.  Your husband is then able to kneel between your legs and go to town!  If you have a tall husband then he will be able to just sit on the floor and his face will line up nicely with where it needs to be.  The wife can also put her leg up on a chair or other piece of furniture if the bed doesn’t work.  (Even the wall is an option, although that doesn’t look very comfortable at all.)

My husband and I tried this one out last week and although I couldn’t orgasm this way (standing) it still felt so amazing.  You know what else was cool?  Being the ‘dominant’ person and being able to look down to see my husband between my legs.  What a nice change of pace!  Making eye contact that way was erotic!

Pros: The husband has easy access to his wife’s girly bits.  The wife gets a little empowerment.  She is also able to use her own hands to hold her vulva lips open for him if she wants to.

Cons: The wife may not be able to orgasm in this position if she is uncomfortable standing.  (Still, it’s nice to do as foreplay to intercourse, even without orgasm.)

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