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I thought it was a nice idea to have an article devoted to men’s lingerie.  Of course we women like to dress up sexy for our husbands, but sometimes we forget about the other side of that coin.  Some of you women out there who are visual (like me) may find that you really get turned on seeing your husband in something silky or tight fitting.  Think of your man in a nice pair of tight jeans… does that do anything for you?  Well, if so, then what would you think about seeing him in some form fitting silk undies or some satin pajamas?  And think about him for a minute.  Would it give him a little ego boost to know that he was eye candy for you for a change?  Let’s look at some of the different things out there for men.


Satin Boxers

Satin Boxers

Men who like boxers have it pretty easy.  There are so many different kinds of silk or satin boxers out there in all different colors, and they are pretty easy to find.  The fitted boxers are easily available as well.  I love seeing my husband in fitted boxer briefs because they hug him in all the right places!  They give him a nice rounded rear and a nice front ‘package’ that is very much a turn on!




Some men like to wear briefs, and that’s fine too!  If your husband doesn’t want to let go of his briefs, then you could look for something a little dressy for him.  They do make silk/satin briefs for men that outline his ‘package’ in nice shiny colors!  Your husband may find that he really likes the feel of the silk/satin against his skin, and you may find that you like seeing him in fancy underwear!




There are also thongs for men.  My husband has already told me that I had better not buy him one, although I have heard several men say that they never thought they would wear one until they tried one.  They say it isn’t as uncomfortable as they thought it would be.  These men also really like the reaction they get out of their wives!




Don’t forget that there are also options of see through undies for men too!  I bought my husband a nice pair of black sheer (see through) boxers a couple of years ago, and let me tell you girls, THOSE THINGS ARE HOT! (I put it in his Christmas stocking 😎 ) You can also find see through thongs and briefs.


Silk PJ's

Silk PJ's

Another nice thing on the market for men is silk or satin pajamas.  Usually it comes in a set of pants/shirt or shorts/shirt.  These are especially nice in the wintertime when it’s cold outside.  He can slide into his nice silky pj’s and cuddle with you.  You can also mix and match by getting him some sexy undies and a nice satin robe to go over it!


As a woman I know that sometimes lingerie helps me to feel sexy.  I think we need to remember that if it works that way for us, it may work that way for men too.  Ask your husband if he’d like to pick out something nice to wear for you sometime.  Or, if you think he’d like a surprise, order something for him and ask him to wear it for you.  (Passions Lingerie has some nice things for men!Don’t forget to compliment him on it and let him know how it makes you feel to see him in it! It will make him feel good and you may be surprised at how it affects your arousal level too!



  1. This has been sitting for a while now. I’ll take a swing at it. I’m the kind of guy that is really not into wearing mens lingerie. But let me clarify that first. I wear plaid or hunting scene boxers to bed along with an oversized color t shirt. My DW once bought me a pair of silk boxers. They stayed on me for about 3 seconds,( before I took them off because I couldnt stand the feel of the material) As I am writing this I am laughing. Here I am a middle aged guy talking about what I wear to bed. I guess that even after 30 plus years of marriage I still dont understand the big deal of what women think about their mans bedroom attire. Does what a man wears to bed really matter that much to the wife? I guess the answer is “yes” I am taken in by some of the lingerie my DW wears to bed. It is very arousing. I just wasnt aware she might be the same when it comes to me and what I wear.

  2. I think you just need to ask you wife what she likes, Hank. She might enjoy it, or not.

  3. I like it when hubby wears the silky (but unfortunately, not good quality) ones I got him for valentine’s day. Partly b/c they look nice (and he does like them) and partly b/c it means he’s put thought into his ‘attire’ for me, and he usually doesn’t care what he wears (to him any shirt with buttons is nice and khakis are fancy, lol) so the knowledge of effort on his part probably turns me on as much as how incredibly nice he looks.
    Oh, and being freshly shaven and with aftershave work the same way.

    But speaking of men’s lingerie, where can you buy it if you don’t get it online?
    I’d like to get him a new pair of nice boxers soon, since he only has that one kinda cheap pair, but I didn’t think of it until I read this post. It’s for a special occasion so I don’t have time to order online.

  4. Target has some silky boxers that are pretty sexy. My husband has some and they are really attractive.

  5. Yay, thanx Brandi, have been wanting to get him some foreva and will now go to my local Target and get some asap… 😉 He’s shy and has the most awesome glutes! so this will be fun for my visual nature…

  6. Unfortunately Target had discontinued their silky boxer line in my hometown. They only went to XL anyway. Does anyone know where I can buy some XXL satin/silk boxers?. (Hey, big guys like to wear them too!)

  7. I do know of an online store that has TONS of men’s undies and they do have a BIG & TALL section. BUT BE AWARE THAT THIS SITE USES MALE MODELS IN ALL THEIR PICTURES. I have ordered from this site twice before and have been satisfied with the items I bought. (This is where I got my husband’s sheer black boxers.) abcunderwear

  8. A couple of years ago we discovered Sonoma’s Performance microfiber boxer briefs. We both love them. They are my everyday underwear now and are the most comfy I’ve ever worn. They have a satin feel, snug fit, pouch front, don’t ride or stretch out, and come in several colors (fluorescent green today!). I would recommend every man buy one pair to try. And my wife has never been so active in copping a feel or eyeballing me when I’m wearing only underwear.

  9. i have been married for 9 years & we have always been all about the lingerie for both sexes at our house. my hubby has all sorts of silky boxers (some cute cottony ones too), a set of silky jammies & even some thongs…what can I say, his rear-end is nothing short of amazing!!

  10. “The book, “For Men Only,” says that wives are totally indifferent to the way their husband’s body appears and that when a husband tries to dress up “sexily” for his wife it does nothing for her whatever.”
    Eep. That is so totally not true. Bah.

    And by that, I mean to make a general statement like that is not true. It may be the case for blind women, but not for me.

  11. well, I think you can find men’s cotton thongs on – they kept popping up when I was looking for silky boxers once 🙂 Not so bad except I shop on my mom’s account and so then they put these – ahem – undies on the ‘these items might interest you’ page that comes up when you get back on Amazon. With live models… So then I learned how to erase things from the search 😀

    On another topic that’s come up – I personally don’t think silk is especially feminine. Not that I’m trying to argue with ppl that say silk isn’t manly, it’s just that in my opinion, there’s nothing especially feminine about silk.
    Now, I’m not sure how my man or I would feel about him wearing LACE boxers or thongs, simply b/c that does seem more girly (to me, anyways, everyone is welcome to differ, it’s a personal thing) but IMHO, silk is just a nice expensive, luxurious fabric. That’s how I think of it anyways 🙂
    I like the feel of it… And the look, it lays more nicely (i.e. form-fitting 😀 ) than cotton boxers do.

  12. You can find comfortable, cotton thongs at any department store, Target in particular. They come in every color and size. Any guy that says that he cannot find them, simply is not looking.

  13. Those of you who want your husband to wear a thong but they protest might need to understand something. Thongs are an old concept for men. We just learned about them in P.E. or gym class at school. The PE instructor called them jock straps. Thongs are more uncomfortable with the single strap up the back.

    I could never get used to them. Silk boxers are fine but need to be able to be removed easily. Full length lounge pants are much easier to remove. The silk boxers often seem to get stuck around an ankle. Yet, I can hook a toe around the hem of lounge pants and pull them down without letting go of my hottie honey.

  14. Dh has two thongs with a nice pouch in front and I love them. He bought the first as a surprise for me, and I’m so glad he did. I find them very sexy. He does the silk boxers, too, but those are just OK; I much prefer the thongs.

  15. When we got married all my husband owned were tightie whities. Before we got married I did a Habitat for Humanity project repairing a house that had been occupied by a severely schizophrenic man. EVERYTHING in the house was spray painted dark green (inside of toilet, telephone, walls etc.) EXCEPT his underwear, which we found (gross!) and it was all tightie-whities, so it actually kind of disturbed me to see the same selection in my husband’s drawer! I bought him some of the cotton ComfortSoft waistband underwear in dark, masculine colors (gray, navy, black, maroon etc.) and I just LOVE them!!! Not exactly “lingerie”, but it turns me on!

  16. i can’t stop myself smiling while reading your article. it surely makes my imagination run wild? and can’t wait to see my husband in that see through boxers! lol! i just wonder where to buy those? well im just not used to looking for those items, but given a chance i would want to buy my husband one, for sure he will like it. sch a nice and interesting stuff to add some spice during cold nights. lol. thanks for the info and some great idea.

  17. So glad I read this article just before taking a business trip with my hubby. Truly, in 24 years of marriage, I never really thought about what he wore and how it effects me. Then something, sort of funny, kind of creepy, happened. My dad visited for the weekend and accidentally left a pair of his briefs behind. They are the same kind my hubby wore! For some reason, that freaked me out. I had a flashback to times dear dad dashed down the hall in his tightie-whities to get his pants out of the dryer and such. Now, don’t get me wrong, dear dad was not an exhibitionist or criminal in any way. But now I’m thinking, “”yuck, I do not want Dear Hubby to be wearing those “old man” undies. ” So I declared a ban on such things. Told DH we were updating his “wardrobe”. What fun!. We went to the store and found colored boxer briefs, mesh boxers, etc. Then, on this business trip, I went to Ross Dress For Less and found the sexiest pair of briefs by a company called Papi. They were high-class, high-quality goods and I recommend them. Haven’t gone to the Papi website yet but I plan on searching out more styles by them. DH gamely put these on and needless to say, the poor people in the hotel room next to us got quite an earful last night. 🙂

  18. What about if he wants to wear women’s panties? He enjoys wearing them and it has definitely spiced up our intimacy. He says its a little secret that only he and I know and that in itself is a turn on for him. I think he looks cute in satin bikini panties and have asked him to wear a bra for me. Is that wrong?

  19. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with men wearing women’s lingerie to spice up their sex life. I do believe it becomes a problem if the husband becomes obsessed with it and they become like an idol. I love when my husband wears sexy, silky things, whether they are made for men or women. He feels good in them.

  20. omygossssh! haha sheer boxers! i never knew they existed…. i’m so getting those for him 😀 😛 *meniacal laughter*

  21. My husband loves to wear silky things, and I too, love him in them. We have been trying all types of men’s underwear in different cuts and fabrics….thongs…bikinis…nylon…microfiber and even satin. We have found some sites that even make “panties” for men. I have to admit that they just are not as sexy or silky as him wearing panties. The materials are not as silky. Maybe it’s a mental thing. I am ok with him wearing panties as they truly spice up our love life. Does anyone know of a company that makes mens underwear in the nicer fabrics?

  22. I can’t believe how much fun we are having with this. I started shopping for panties for my DH and could not believe how many panty reviews were written by men! There is even one site, herroom, that has a whole lingerie review section just FOR men. Panties have been a wonderful spice up in our relationship.

    There are also sites dedicated to men’s underwear but done in typically more feminine materials like nylon and satin. Some of these fit better as they have more room where it’s needed.

  23. We are really enjoying ourselves with my husbands love of lingerie. We have recently gone shopping together for panties for the both of us and I can’t believe how much fun we had together. This new addition to our intimate times has really given us more intimacy together and spiced up our love life.

  24. WOW..thanks for sharing. My husband and I have also enjoyed shopping for panties together. He not only wears them for us to share in private but enjoys the feel of feminine panties ALL the time. He says “forget the fly” and enjoy all the different styles, fabric and colors available in womens panties. We feel a special bond with our special secret. There is plenty of space for his package in normal panties and says he will never go back. I agree and just luv our share a panties drawer in the dresser. It takes a real man to wear panties…true. THX

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