Position #69: The Sweeper

I named this one The Sweeper because if the wife has long hair, she may end up sweeping the floor with it.

This is another chair position that has the husband sitting comfortably.  The wife will sit on his lap facing away from him.  Penetration can happen here.  Then the wife will slowly bend over, across his lap, until her hands are touching the floor.  Once she is bracing herself on the floor, she will lift one leg up at a time and give them to her husband to hold.  He will hold them around the calve muscles.

The wife is then able to push against his hands and thrust.  He is able to help guide since he is the one holding her legs.  The two must work together in this position.  If you are having a hard time picturing this one, then click here to see how it looks.

Pros: The husband will get an awesome view.

Cons: The wife may have the blood rush to her head.  Also, some men become uncomfortable when their penis bends in this angle.

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