Monday’s Mission #59

Your mission this week is to think about a project to work on together. Maybe some work on your house or in the yard. Maybe to volunteer your time and services. Just something to work on together. I have found that this can be a bit hard sometimes, but it really teaches you how to communicate well and how to work through a  difference of opinion. Give it a try.


  1. Paint a room or plant some flowers and clean up together ;). Just choosing the color or the plants is a relationship building tool! The cleaning up is just a perk.

    My husband and I both agree that this is what keeps our marriage strong.

    One of the most difficult and rewarding things we’ve done is build our house. We paid for the most part to be done, but had to make all of the decisions on floor plan, finishes, flooring, light fixtures etc together. We’ve been in the house for a few months now and we’re still painting, doing trim work, buying new furniture, changing light fixtures, landscaping, adding this and that….We’ve become a very strong couple in the process and have recently paused of an evening to reflect on where it has brought us :).

  2. Thanks for sharing that. It’s exactly what I am talking about. 🙂

  3. we just bought a real fixer upper… So, we’ll be doing this one! And I look forward to it.
    Hubby and I, when we were teens, came to be best friends while working on writing and editing things together…. Then we took college classes together and that’s when he fell in love with me and knew God gave His blessing and then he planned to marry me. And I was trying desperately not to give my heart to any man unless I knew I was going to marry him, but I knew all I needed was the permission and I’d be desperately in love with this friend. Then he asked me to marry him, and we were crazily in love (and way too sappy for our younger sibling’s stomachs, lol!), and then a year ago we got married, and we’re still madly in love 🙂 And we can be sappy in private where we don’t drive our siblings crazy, heehee

    We just got to know each other so well. I knew that he would procrastinate but was ultimately dependable. He knew I’d freak when he was late on ‘deadlines’ but that I still respected him. In short, we got comfortable with each other’s flaws and appreciated each other’s strengths.

    There’s something about working with someone you respect and accomplishing things that is great for friendship, and friendship is a vital part of romance, I think.

    In fact, now that we’ve got married, and he’s going to work and I keep house, and I’m not in college in the same classes he’s taking, we have fewer things to work on together than we used to. That’s why this house project has me so excited 🙂

    I like to finish working on something (even just making a meal) and step back and say “see what I did today?!” but it’s so much more special to work on it with my husband/BFF and say “hey, look what we got done!” even if all we did was clean the apartment 🙂

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