Position #70: The Dining Room Table

This position works for vaginal or anal sex.  The husband sits in the kitchen chair and the wife sits on his lap in between his legs, facing away from him.  The husband then raises both of his legs and rests them on top of the kitchen table.  When he does this, they enclose the wife.

At this point the husband can hold onto his wife’s waist and gently guide her down on top of him (anally or vaginally).  She is able to hold on to the table in front of her for stability.  Then she is able to take control of the thrusting if she wants, or she can allow her husband to help her out by guiding her up and down using his hands on her waist.  Here is a good picture of what it looks like.

Pros: The husband gets to sit back and relax.  He also gets to see his wife’s rear.

Cons: The wife’s legs may get sore after a bit.

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  • May 2009
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