Look for something new starting next week!

Are you ready for something new? With the popularity of our Monday’s Mission and Position of the Week, we are adding something new to our blog. Starting on Tuesday, June 9, we will be adding a weekly poll. Each Tuesday, we will post a new poll and you will have the opportunity to take the poll and then feel free to add comments or expound on your answer. As always, we remind our readers to please keep it clean. We reserve the right to edit or not publish comments that are too graphic in nature. We hope that this new venture will get positive marks with our readers and that you will feel free to participate! Who knows? Maybe our next blog article will come from a comment or the results of our latest poll!


  1. Sounds like a great idea, bring on the polls! Thanks girls

  2. Yay, bring it on…love, love, love polls and really enjoy your site. Can’t wait for Tuesdays. Mondays are special and I strive to do every one of the challenges…spicy times for my man.
    All the info. I have gathered from weekly positions have left us either closer to each other or roftl with the antics we get up to trying to do what is described!
    And now Tuesdays will be extra fodder for my : ‘feedingmyman’sappetite’ menu. I am a happy reader !

  3. fun!!!!

  4. looking forward to the polls – I love giving my opinion~

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