Position #71: The Feast

Here you all probably thought we had covered all the cunnilingus positions that were out there!  You should have known we’d go digging for more!

This one takes some effort to get into position.  The husband will need to sit in a chair.  It can be a kitchen chair or a Lay-z-Boy.  The wife starts out by sitting in his lap, straddling him.  She then lies back on his lap while he carefully helps her pick up her legs and put them over his shoulders.  Once that is accomplished, he grabs her by her legs or waist, and brings her up further, where her genitals are close to his face and her legs are bent down his shoulders.  He will have to continue to hold her up using his hands while he is pleasing her orally.  She will also need to help hold her lower body up for him as much as she can.  Her head will be in his lap at this point.  To see a picture of how this position looks, click here.

Pros: The husband has open access and rimming is easily done in this position.

Cons: The husband can’t finger his wife in this position because his hands are too busy holding her up.  Both may fatigue quickly.

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  • June 2009
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