Monday’s Mission #61

Your challenge this week is to make a sexy playlist of songs to make love to. A previous contributor to the CN blog, Sugar and Spice, wrote a great article suggesting a plethora of different song and album options. Give that article a read and think about what music you and your husband enjoy. Incorporating music into the bedroom can be a very fun spice 🙂


  1. Hey, I’ll go back to what I said in that thread, anything by Barry White. Also include Peabo Bryson. I know that sounds a lot like the 1980’s, probably before many of you were born. Peabo had a sexy tune called ” Tonight” ( I celebrate my love for you”.
    Of course, Barry had all kinds of tunes to get the mood just right. It is too bad he is now writing music in heaven. He is just one of those singer songwriters that had it all together, sexy, rythmic, and plain old good. Just my opinion from a middle aged guy that likes to please my wife. In a humorous way, I one time sang a karaoke tune
    “Cant Get Enough of Your Love”. I tried my best to sound right but it just wasnt working. My voice is no where his. However, my wife loved what I did and later “rewarded” me for my efforts.

  2. Thanks Hank! Totally love that song – Tonight. Tried for years to get the album but nobody I asked seemed to know who sang it. Peabo Bryson. Gonna get it this week.

  3. This is a great idea. We actually did this last winter, we went away for a weekend alone and decided to make a mix cd. A lot of good songs out there we like a lot of older ones and a lot of R+B. We accidentally left it in the car when we got home and the kids got ahold of it. Good thing we didn’t label it! Oh well iguess it isn’t the worst thing for children to know what there parents do when they get away! 🙂

  4. My wife and I are both musicians, but cut from different molds: she is classically trained, whereas I have some classical training, I am firmly rooted in jazz and rock backgrounds.

    Recently I have found slightly more exotic music very sensual. One that I find more interesting is “Shine” by Bond. I have no idea how to embed vids as cinnimonsticks did, but here’s a youtube link:

    Bond has many tunes that are very evocative. Worth checking out.

  5. I just made a 3 CD set for my Christian Married Women’s small group! How ironic! Here are the titles of the cds:

    CD ONE – Gettin’ Ready

    CD TWO – Gettin’ In The Mood

    CD THREE – Gettin’ It On

  6. Sounds wonderful. Any chance you would list the songs and artists here.

  7. I periodically make cd’s of music I like for different moods. I like most styles of music. Some of my faves are;
    “Prelude to a kiss” by Duke Ellington
    “Perdito Sin Ti” by Ricky Martin
    “Sea of Love” by the Honeydrippers
    “Keep your head down” by TVXQ (they are Korean. I don’t think it’s a sexual reference. Their lyrics aren’t that way).
    “People will say we’re in love” by Robert Palmer. The last few albums he did were awesome.
    “Let’s just kiss” by Harry Connick Jr. Actually, all the songs I’ve heard him do are great. Sounds so much like Frank Sinatra.
    As you can see, I like variety. Youtube is a great place to find music ideas.

  8. I was listening to a cd I made and this song came across. I completely forgot about it! I describe it as a relaxing but hungry desire for your husband.
    Here’s the link
    I hope you all like. Makes me want my husband.

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