Weekly Poll #1: Personal lubricant


  1. Coconut Oil for everything here!!
    Don’t knock it till you try it girls! 🙂

  2. jojoba oil

  3. Not a good idea if you are using (latex) condoms as a method of birth control though!

  4. That is true.

  5. We really enjoy the Kama Sutra line of lubricants/massage oils. They are water based, not sticky, and come in a variety of flavors. They work so well that it doesn’t take much. You can use it all over and simply glide across each other…very, very nice!

  6. Coconut oil, with Clarins body oils added. Creates a perfumed sensory delight for both of us. We’ve used this mix during oral sex as well. No reactions and tastes incredible.

    We use Astroglide or KY Jelly for latex condoms. KY gets sticky over time but Astroglide is fine. Astroglide can get too slick and we have lost a condom inside me which was really a memory making moment!

    More excitement means more natural lube so we take time to become aroused.

    Saliva is pretty slick as well. Ovulation time is the best for us as we need no lube if we pleasure each other orally.


  7. We have used ID’s Millenium since it was recommended by my OB/GYN. We really have liked it not being sticky and such. However, we have been “turned on” by PJUR. It is nice and slick, not a sticky after effect, and very clean feeling. We have wanted to try coconut oil but are having trouble finding it. I have found grape seed oil. Has anyone tried this? It smells nice and was great for my sugar scrub in the shower that was too dry. We have not experimented with it yet.

  8. Natural is always best for intercourse, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We started using KY more and more lately for manual stimulation and when needed for intercourse. But saliva is fun too!

    One complaint I have a about KY is that if I use it on my hubs and then end up doing oral, the artificial taste and smell of it is pretty icky.

  9. I’m getting married in just over a week, and we want to get some coconut oil. I’ve looked around and found a large variety of types of coconut oil. Maybe this is the right time to ask.. can anyone show me a link to buy a type that works well?

  10. You can get this kind at the super walmarts and it’s fine. It is a very large container for under $5 so the price is right. It will be with the cooking oils.

  11. We’ve been using Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women. I found it on the same website we purchase our condoms from. I was getting HORRIBLE UTI’s repetitively since we were using some of the KY tingling/warming lubes or the “Yours/Mine” lube. I did some research and discovered it was a common problem with those.

    So, I’m using this stuff now and haven’t had a single problem yet.

  12. We just bought “Ohmy” Pina Colada lube which seems to be pretty nice. It tastes and smells very yummy! 😉 I live in Northern Ontario and am having a hard time finding the coconut oil you all have been tempting me with! I have been to Walmart and Superstore but they don’t seem to have it. Maybe I can order it online? I am really hoping to get to try it out soon!

  13. Hi Justin,
    Congratulations on your wedding. I will remember to pray for the two of you as you embark upon the greatest adventure of your life. Lots of happy love making times to both of you!
    I bought some extra virgin, coconut oil from a health food store and it was perfect.

    Hey 2jewels,
    Check out the gournet section of grocery stores and of course, health food stores always carry coconut oil. I’ve paid the high price of the cosmetic version and then bought the regular cooking oil and both are the same…coconut smelling and silky! No brainer.

    ‘lo SpicyBride,
    Tried the “Yours/Mine” lube and hated the stuff plus the price was outrageous. It irritated the heck out of my lady parts. I mixed the two internally to see if I got the ‘warming’ sensation. Eeek, how to wash peppermint stuff out of there was no joke as it was burning the heck out of me. Tasted them both in the case of oral, the female version tasted like glycerin with a bit of saccarin and the guy stuff tasted like….well, peppermint. Waste of money and from what I can gather, numbs the responses I would normally experience. A no go for my man and I.

  14. Amazon has a bunch listed. I recommend steering clear of the ‘used’ containers.


    Heath food stores carry CO as well.
    Good luck!!

  15. Well for the best part of our marriage we didn’t use anything but natural. Worked well. Over the past couple years we thought we would try other things just for the heck of it. We used astroglide and some of they ky warming or tingling lubes. It was ok but still no big treat. After being on this site and reading about coconut oil thought we would try it last night. Wow!!we both loved it. In fact hubby said this morning “we should use that everynight!” You’ve made a believer out of me. Oh I bought it a few years ago at a health food store, it’s the extra virgin kind. If was suppose to be good for you taken internally!

  16. The stuff from walmart works good but…
    We have found purchasing Organic coconut oil might be a bit more expensive the wonderful scent of coconut adds to the whole experience.

  17. Can you tell me if coconut oil will stain satin sheets? If it does how do you use it and keep it from causing damage?

    Thanks for your help!

  18. My satin sheets are black. The ones we had before this were also black. We never noticed any oil stains on them, but it could be because they aren’t a lighter color. I don’t think we would care much, even if they did stain a little, cause no one else sees or uses our sheets except for us. Maybe others who use satin sheets will chime in here!

  19. What about allergies?
    My wife has allergies, lots of them. Is the coconut oil an option for us?

  20. I would definitely try the coconut oil. I am a woman with TONS of allergies and skin sensitivities. I have to use special soap and laundry detergent or i will break out into hives. The coconut oil works GREAT for me and my husband. So i would say to give it a try and just see.

    If you buy it and she can’t use it as a lube then you can always use it as cooking oil and make a pan of brownies with it! 🙂

  21. where do you get coconut oil?

  22. Coconut oil is on the cake isle at your local grocery store or Walmart. It is in with the cooking oils, usually on the top shelf, in a green and white container. But some other organic brands in health foods stores look different.

  23. i’ve never noticed stains on the sheets that don’t wash away, but at any rate, the sheets are hidden under our comforter.
    Now, we always kick off the comforter so we don’t mess that (it’s too big to go in a normal washing machine, and while i’m not persnickety, I don’t want it to get all messy and not be able to wash it 😀 )

  24. Hey jaysrib! If you check down the organic isle at the superstore you might find it. It comes in a 454g jar for around $10.00. That is where my love goddess and I found it and won’t use anything else.

  25. Hisgirl,
    I totally hear you about the comforter. I’m so sick of washing sheets everyother day also! I’m on a mission to find some sort of waterproof blanket to put down just for LM times or even a disposable sheet….any suggestions out there? (Chux pads are a little to small we tend to move around) 🙂

  26. Hi girls,
    Bought a liberator throe to catch whatever lotions and liquids we create…ha, ha!
    We REALLY love our gorgeous royal blue ‘decoration’ at the end of our bed which we occasionally remember to toss over the bed. Most times, we are way too absorbed in each other to think about ‘water proofing’ 😉
    Reread Prov. 5 about enjoying each other’s waters; do we ever!
    I am a bit embarressed about this but I am the most messy climaxer, eva. Talk about washing sheets every day. Oh my gosh, include the carpet and our huge quilt which yes, does not fit easily into our larger capacity washer either.
    Frankly, I don’t need lube most of the time. He is my lube-er 😉
    Now we laugh about my copious ejaculations and he feels like the most wicked lover because he can get me into such a tizzy.
    Love my man. TGIF. Our date night, bye bye. Off to ready my love nest for fun 😉

  27. Oh, I SO want a liberator throw!! Mebbe I’ll save up my pennies…

    Intended for pleasure – we don’t usually put anything down, but whenever we’re staying at someone else’s house, we use Hubby’s worn undershirt, and when I’m on my period (okay, so there is one really positive thing about being pregnant, lol!) we put down an old beach towel.
    But those aren’t waterproof… Yeah, I want a liberator throw.

    Does anyone know if coconut oil would stain the throw?

  28. Lol….only we women would not only be concerned about staining the bed, but about staining the thing we bought to make a mess on INSTEAD of the bed! 😉

  29. well, *sheepish grin* the bed is already stained, soooooo…….
    yeah I’m not thinking hubby is gonna think the throw is worth it 🙂 wonder if I could make one?

  30. After reading about coconut oil here, it’s all we have used for the past 6 months. It is wonderful! But recently, we have found some very tiny ants in our bedroom, and last night we discovered what they were drawn too… they were all over the jar, and a few had even gotten into it! Ick, kind of a mood killer… From now on, we’ll keep the CO jar tightly closed… and maybe sealed in a plastic bag.

  31. eeew, I’ll keep that in mind. I use it as a lotion (it’s great for skin) and as a lube, and we just keep some in a little bowl so we don’t have to keep the big jar by the bed (and so I don’t have to dip my fingers in a big jar before lubing him up, since I also use c. oil for cooking!). Where we live now (nice student apartments) they spray for bugs and we’ve never had any trouble with pests. When we move into a house in a month, we’ll probably have more bug issues.
    Thanks for the warning!

  32. Thank you! Will check next time i am there.

  33. We tried several lubes early on (we’ve been married 3 years) and discovered Liquid Silk and it is AWESOME. It is hard to find, but can be ordered online. I was told at one shop that it sells out usually within a day or so of getting it in. However, I just bought coconut oil for my hubby and I to try when he gets in town next week. He has been gone most of the summer… Which is killing me!! Thanks for this site, I found it this summer while he has been gone. It has helped us communicate and get through the time apart.

  34. You would think I have to much time on my hands, but…I wish they would invent a lubricant “device” that is the shape of a condom that the guy puts on but is infused throughtout with lube,like a long bubble wrap packets which melts when warmed and condom like material would dissolve as well so would get lots of lube in all the right places. We use coconut oil but wish didn’t have to reapply so often. Just a thought for any inventors out there!

  35. I despise the smell of coconut oil. We use sweet almond oil. I use it as a moisturizer too. Love it when the natural lubrication just isn’t quite enough.:)

    Oh I should add, I am horrible for getting yeast infections from a lot of lubes, none with the almond oil.:)

  36. Where do you get these oils? Thks

  37. I never heard of cococut oil before this site. I bought our first jar last month, and love it. Previously, we used KY warming gel, which wasn’t bad but if we needed to reapply my husband would get irritated (presumably by whatever chemicals cause the “warming”). Also, it was so sticky. The coconut oil is so smooth…I think it makes the shaft of the penis feel far more sensual than it otherwise does, so for women who appreciate that, it’s a plus. Mine is an organic brand and it was $7. I am curious about how others are melting it. I have been putting some in a plastic baggie, then immersing it in a small bowl of hot water for about two minutes. It melts quickly, and then I drain the water out of the bowl and pour the oil in.

  38. I joked with my husband that we should use a wipes warmer wrap around thing to do it-lol! I would like to find a container like the hand soap comes in to pump it out, but I think when it is solid it wouldn’t work.

  39. We don’t use anything to warm it. Just apply it with our hands and it melts almost instantly against our bodies. We just must be that HOT! 🙂

  40. What is ID’s Millenium? And where do you get it?

  41. Just curious…no “side effects” from the coconut oil? I am prone to infections, so wondering, but have read nothing negative about using it. Can’t believe in all these years I have never had anyone recommend it!

  42. After and long wander around the store, I finally found Coconut Oil. I was so happy! We are at the beginning of our sexual awakening and even small things are quite exciting. When I mentioned using coconut oil, he seemed very interested. We get the house to ourselves once in a blue moon, and tonight’s the night! For those in Canada, I found it in the refrigerator section of the organic aisle at Superstore. Omega Nutrition. Can’t wait for a little healthy experimentation.

  43. You will love it! My new mantra is “Say goodbye to KY!”

  44. Thanks for the Canuck reference! =) We need more of those around!

  45. Always had good luck with astroglide.

  46. I once said I would never use coconut oil because I hated the smell BUT not all coconut oils are equal I discovered – some don’t smell. So we have used it now and I like the lube but I don’t like how much it has to be heated and how hard it gets again. I like Almond and/or Grapeseed oil too.

  47. I agree, Astroglide is great. We stumbled upon it by way of a sample and couldn’t believe how much better it was than the KY we had been using for years. My husband now prefers sensual strawberry flavored Astro, saying it makes OS even more tantalizing! For that matter, he also likes Wet strawberry flavor, but it is not quite as slippery. We’ve just recently found and tried coconut oil, but we don’t find it to be as slippery as Astro either.

  48. Don’t oils carry a risk for infection? :-s

  49. Baby oil

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