Position #72: On A Stool

I believe this is our very first position that is meant solely for anal sex. We have a few other positions that could be used for both anal and vaginal, but this one is primarily anal.  I know that many of you out there do not engage in anal sex, but for those of you who do, I thought this was a unique position that may intrigue you.  (*Scroll down for a tip on how to turn this into a vaginal position.)

To do this position you will need a bar stool or some kind of tall  stool.  The wife will sit on it and scoot far enough back so that her rear is almost hanging off the stool.  She will then lean forward and could either hold on to the stool itself or hold on to a table or other sturdy piece of furniture in front of her.  The husband walks up behind her and is able to penetrate while standing.  Of course this will only work if the stool is the appropriate height to his genitals.  For a picture of how this position looks, click here.

I could also see this position working if you use a smaller shorter stool and the husband is on his knees.

Pros: This is a very unique angle and position for those who practice anal sex and are looking for something new.

Cons: There may not be room for much clitoral stimulation, unless you are able to hold a small vibe in place.

Tips: For those of you who do not practice anal sex, there may be hope yet!  You could try having the wife sit on the stool facing the husband, and have him stand and enter her vaginally while she wraps her legs around him.  This could be an alternative to standing sex, because the stool will hold up the wife’s weight. 😛

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  1. We tried this – oh my gosh! Oh My Oh My! Very hot (I saw it in the mirror).

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