What Kind of Kisser Are You?

“Tom and Mary sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”   Remember that rhyme from elementary school?  I remember being young and wondering what kissing was like.  For most of us, I think that first kiss is magical, but unfortunately they aren’t all like that!  I’ve been thinking lately of all the different ways to kiss, and how I like to kiss and how I like my husband to kiss me.  All of this thinking led to me coming up with my own different categories of kissers.  So humor me and read Cumingirls Kissing Categories, and see which one you are:

The Stoic kisser is one who likes closed mouth kisses.  She likes simple pecks and nothing too passionate.  Tongue is definitely out.

The Poser likes open mouth kisses, but doesn’t like to use tongue.  It looks passionate and involved from the outside, but on the inside there is no action to speak of.

The Teaser likes to plant soft, feathery kisses on her husband’s mouth and face.  Kisses so gentle that her spouse can barely feel it.  It leaves him wanting more.

The Uninvolved kisser doesn’t mind having her spouse give some tongue action, but she herself is mainly motionless.

The Nibbler likes to use teeth.  Frequently she will nibble on one of her husband’s lips while kissing.  She thinks love nips are sensual.

The Fencer likes to have full-fledged tongue duels.  The more tongue action the better, and she wants lots of reciprocation from her spouse!

The Miner may seem sometimes as if she is digging for gold.  She may be able to tell how many cavities her husband has because of all her poking and prodding!

The Sloppy Kisser is a bit of a mess when it comes to kissing.  Sometimes there is excess drool and most of the time both parties will need to wipe their face afterward. 😆

The Chaotic kisser is all over the place with no rhyme or reason to her madness.  She doesn’t seem to have a rhythm or pattern and the husband is often unsure how to respond exactly, so he just lets her go wild.

The Romantic kisser is tender, loving, and involved.  At times she takes things slow and easy, but she knows when to turn up the heat and knock his socks off.  Her unbridled passion is shown through her kisses.

So, did you see yourself in one of those categories?  What about your husband?  I shared this list of categories with my husband and we discussed which category we thought the other was in.  My husband says that every so often I am a Nibbler or a Teaser, but more often than not I am a Romantic kisser.  What about you?

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