Position #73: The Dancer

Here we go with another standing position.  For this one you will need a chair or other piece of furniture.

The husband and wife stand facing each other.  The wife then lifts one leg up off the floor and puts it on a chair, bed, or other piece of furniture that is positioned behind her husband.  The husband can then penetrate and thrust while standing.  The couple is able to wrap their arms around each other for a very intimate hug.  To see what this position looks like, click here.

Pros: This is a romantic position that does allow for kissing.  It opens up the wife so that the husband can caress her anally if she likes.

Cons: Height differences may make this difficult for some couples.  Some people may find it difficult to orgasm standing.


  1. ooh this looks like fun, will try it tonight as it is mine and dh date night and we’ll be all dressed up! might be fun if we never make it to the bedroom!!

    Thanks cumingirl!!

  2. this one works well in the shower…

  3. HUGE height difference here, but maybe on the bottom step using the railing instead of a chair? Maybe.

  4. That’s what I was going to say. I use the soap dish/ washcloth hanger thing as a footrest.

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