Monday’s Mission #63

Your mission this week is to bring sex into the kitchen. Try to find someone who will take your kids for an evening and wear something super sexy. Like maybe just lingerie. Cook something together for dinner and in between stirs and taste tests, give each other small sexual favors. Build up the anticipation so that as the evening progresses, you are allowing your passion and desire to grow. I know it can be hard for some of us to get the house to ourself, but try it if you can.


  1. I’m on it. 😉 Sounds fun!

  2. life is busy, especially for hubby right now, so I’m mostly cooking while he’s gone so I can have dinner ready when he gets home and he’s HUNGRY. But we’ve done this before and it’s a blast. Once hubby ‘let me’ make him dinner on the condition that I wore a bikini, LOL. It was fun and the request made me feel like I was really sexy 🙂
    One note: be careful b/c it’s easier to burn yourself if you are, ahem, scantily clad. Don’t ask why there’s a burn mark on my stomach 😀 Nah, it’s gone now, actually.
    I definitely wouldn’t try anything prone to splatter – like things cooked in oil. Unless you wear an apron – an apron worn over a thong and bra can be good eye candy if your man likes your backside 🙂
    Also, try some meal that’s fairly easy to make b/c otherwise the distraction just might be frustrating. If I’m cooking on all four burners and I’ve got things in the oven (not often, but it does happen) I DO NOT want my man grabbing me and kissing me b/c I either have to just kinda ignore him (which I don’t want to do), or respond like I want to, and then I’ll ruin something, and most occasions like this, it’s something I’ve been promising to make for him for a special treat…
    allthat said, this is a fun mission. I’ll see if I can get a chance soon, despite the busy-ness.

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