Position #74: Head Games

I found this position at the Cosmo website and it intrigued me.  It’s an acrobatic one and I’m hoping that I’m able to describe it sufficiently.

The wife starts out by lying on the floor (or bed) on her back.  Then she lifts her legs and waist up into the air and rests her hips up on her arms/hands.  (Think of doing the ‘bicycle’ in school.)  It is also very similar to the Shoulder Stand in yoga.  The husband kneels on his knees at her rear and literally picks up her legs and places them up his chest and over one of his shoulders.  At this point, only the wife’s head and neck will be on the floor.  Her legs will be together and going up her husband’s body to one shoulder.

After you are in position, you will both be able to hold on to each other’s legs to stabilize yourselves.  Click here to see a picture of this position.

Pros: This gives a tight fit.

Cons: The wife may grow tired or uncomfortable.  The husband may not enjoy his penis bending this way.

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  • June 2009
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