Position #79: The Randy Raft

My husband and I have done this one before, but we didn’t have a specific name for it.  I was happy to find it on Cosmo and I love the name they gave it!  If you have a pool then listen up cause this is the perfect summer position!

This position is for those of you with above or below ground pools, or who have access to a lake.  You take a simple inflatable lounge raft (made for pools) and have the wife lay down on it on her belly.  (Make sure you are in shallow water.)  She then scoots down to where her bottom is even with the edge of the raft and her legs are hanging off.  The husband walks up to her and grabs her legs and holds them up.  He positions himself in between her legs and is able to penetrate while holding her legs up.  She holds on to the raft while he is holding on to her thighs thrusting.  Cosmo has the perfect little picture of this position, found here.

Pros: The wife is able to be lazy and just lie down on the raft, letting her husband take control.  Very easy and relaxing!  This position can be used with vaginal or anal sex.

Cons: Make sure you don’t get sunburned!  Water may interfere with penetration so you may need a silicone based lube.

Tip: The wife can also turn over on her back for a change of pace.

The Importance of Thinking Sex

It may surprise you that although the CN girls are all focused on loving our husbands well and building deep intimacy in our marriages, some of us still sometimes have trouble keeping our drive up. I am one of them. If I get distracted because life gets busy or if  I expend too much energy on other things, it is easy for me to find myself struggling with a lower drive. And in my marriage my husband is the same way. If he is under a lot of stress or distracted by life he also finds that his drive is lower.

The best trick I have learned for changing the downward spiral in sex drive to an upward spiral is to make it a priority to think sex. Assuming that my husband is loving me well, because this is not as easy if I am feeling unloved, sometimes sexual arousal begins with a choice. A choice to think about your husband in a sexual way. If you find yourself in a place of apathy towards sex it really helps to focus your mind on sex with your husband. You might be going through your day caring for your kids and taking care of life, but if you take a moment to think ahead to the evening when you have the house or your room to yourself it can really help. Think about snuggling on the couch to watch TV or however you tend to spend your evenings at home and take it a step further to mentally choose that once you are there you are going to be an active participant in whatever happens.

After you have made this choice, it’s a really good idea to communicate what you are thinking to your husband so he can be involved in meeting you where you are at and you can journey through this mental foreplay together. Email, text or call him and let him know that you are looking forward to being with him in the evening. He’ll enjoy being involved in the process.

It may not sound as romantic as being swept away in emotional attraction, but if the alternative is continuing to allow yourself to be satisfied with less sex than is healthy for your marriage, thinking sex is a really good way to refocus you on sexual intimacy.

Weekly poll #8: Are you happy with the intimacy in your marriage?

Monday’s Mission #67

Your mission this week is to think about another couple or two whom you and your husband are friends with. Call up the ladies and plan a group date to bless your husbands. You can surprise them completely with everything or just have a few surprises about the date. Have fun encouraging your friends to love generously. You might want to do a fun filled day at the beach or a very romantic at home dinner party or dinner out at a restaurant. Just plan a fun evening for you all to celebrate your friendship and your marriages.

Position #78: Two On a Chair

Like it hints in the title, you will need a kitchen chair for this position.  The wife simply gets on her knees on top of the chair and leans over the back.  The husband stands behind her and then places one of his legs up on top of the chair beside her knees.  He is then able to crouch down and enter from behind.  The position will look  like this.

The husband holds on to his wife’s hips while the wife holds on to the back of the chair.  He can switch legs and vary his arm placement as needed for comfort.  This position will also work for anal sex as well.

Pros: The husband is able to fondle his wife’s breasts from behind.

Cons: The wife’s knees may become sore unless she has a chair pad or cushion in the chair.

The Generous Husband/Wife

The Generous Wife and The Generous Husband have been links on our blogroll since the beginning of Christian Nymphos, and with very good reason.  Paul and Lori Byerly are the creators of The Marriage Bed, a site that ministers to married couples worldwide.  Among the tons of information and resources available on their website, they also have their other two sites.  Lori runs The Generous Wife and Paul runs The Generous Husband.  They have recently revamped their sites, and we’d like to take this opportunity to point you in their direction.

Men, we strongly encourage you to check out TGH. Paul has turned it into a blog, where he writes about the different aspects of marriage, and encourages men to reply and discuss things in the comment section.  Sometimes his blogs are short and to the point and other times they are meatier and make you think.  TGH is a Christian blog wrote by a man, (read his bio) aimed at MEN! For months now we have received email after email asking us if we knew of a blog like ours, for MEN; and now we have one that we can 100% whole-heartedly recommend!  Paul has told us himself that he would love to have more men leaving comments and discussing his blog posts.  He also has a page full of book recommendations and a page devoted to pornography, it’s destructive nature, and how recovery is possible.  You can still subscribe to TGH and sign up to receive daily email tips for utilizing generosity in your marriage.  Here is what his schedule of tips looks like:

Monday – Friday’s tips will be one each for the five love languages.
Saturday’s tip will be of a sexual nature.
Sunday’s tip will be of a spiritual nature, praying for/with your wife.”

Likewise, Lori has TGW revamped into a very nice blog as well.  (To read more about Lori, click here.)  Wives can read and comment/interact on her blog posts and receive her daily email tips too!  She also has a page for vacation ideas and another page for prayer requests. 🙂

We would like to encourage all of you to register for an account on either TGW or TGH.  Both sites (along with TMB) are a wonderful resource and huge blessing for marriages young and old.

Weekly poll #7: Have you faked an orgasm?

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