Position #75: The Oral Bridge

This semi-kinky position is as difficult as it is interesting.  To begin, you will need two chairs sitting side by side.

The wife will stand on the chairs, one foot on each.  Make sure there is about two feet of distance between the two.  She will then bend down as if she is sitting and use her hands to hold on to the backs of the two chairs.  The husband kneels in between the two chairs and is able to give oral sex to his wife, as pictured here.  He is also able to help hold her up and position her with his hands on her rear.

Pros: This is a highly erotic position that is definitely fun to try!  This is also a great position for rimming.

Cons: You may need to change to something different after a few minutes due to tired muscles in both spouses (her legs/arms and his neck).

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  • July 2009
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