Weekly poll #6: Anal sex?



  1. Not our thing…

  2. I voted no, never, but we do enjoy anal play maybe about 60% of the time. So not something we do all the time, but something fun to add in once in a while.

  3. My husband enjoys anal play, doing it to me and him receiving, but it hasn’t led to anal sex. I am scared of it, to be frank, it has to hurt and hurt for days later….right?

  4. Neither my husband nor I could fathom why couples would engage in anal sex or anal play.
    One night, whilst I was particularly aroused by his amazing foreplay, I wanted him to make love to me in this way. I remembered one of the spicegirls advising ‘lots of lube’ so relied upon coconut oil for ease.
    Oh my gosh. I almost came out of my skin with powerful orgasms.
    Admittedly, my husband also stimulated my clitoris but really, the amount of feeling and satisfaction I experienced rocked me to my core.
    I am still concerned about the delicacy of my anal tissue lining so we use caution and my husband is extremely gentle.

    We grew in intimacy from the few times we have had sex this way. It is not for everyone and if you are disgusted, simply don’t go here. However, don’t judge other couples like we used to; you may fall off your high horse with a hard bump!!

  5. Voted no, but we do enjoy stimulation there. He likes doing this to me more than he likes receiving.
    I would be open to trying it in the future though.

  6. We do it on occasion. Usually when I am having my period as a way to still be intimate. See as how I am pregnant right now its not happening but once the baby is born it should happen more often again.

    Dani: If not done slowly and with little lube yes it can hurt but not for days. If done with care and lots of lube it feels wonderful and with little to no pain. When I do feel pain after its no worse than the vaginal pain you can have after a particularly intense session.

  7. My hubby and I (after 20+ years of marriage) are just now getting in to anal play (him pleasuring me). I look forward to giving him pleasure this way, but he has been reluctant. Ever since incorporating this in to our love making, it has brought us closer and we are making love more ofter (up to 5 times a week!) Thanks for your willingness to bring up taboo subjects that the church has ignored. Maybe if we would discuss and even encourage a more erotic relationship the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high in the Body of Christ. God Bless!

  8. Great poll! Way to start the conversation on this subject!

  9. I believe the current US stat is that 1 in 3 divorces claim that sex was at the source of their reason for divorce (that includes all things with sexual compatibility through lack of it all together).

    That said, I don’t think churches need to be discussing erotic sex as much as we should be discussing the actual gospel. I don’t think it should be as taboo as it is (I’m in a newlywed class even though we aren’t newlyweds…we fit in better there…and sex is constantly brought up in a healthy way and discussed, but our main focus is still on God and how our marriages can serve God more).

    BTW – I don’t think anal play or lack of affects the Body of Christ’s divorce rate as much as the “spices for the shelf” like pornography and infidelity do. Those things need to be dealt with openly and swiftly rather than being “hushed” by people who are too afraid to seek help. If anything, I think a discussion like this within the walls of a church might be a bit ineffective as it would make many women uncomfortable as this is seen as an unquestionable “NO!” in their book. It would likely cause more division. However, places like this – where women are discussing with women – is actually far more Biblical of a way to pass on wisdom and knowledge (hmm…isn’t there a verse about that?! 😉 ). These methods are far better than hearing any pastor or Sunday school teacher discuss positions and eroticism in marriage. Hence why I LOVE coming here!

  10. I voted “No”, but only because we haven’t tried it again since the first year of marriage. This is something that I will be bringing up to him in the near future!

  11. What about ejaculation inside – any health risks?

  12. we’ve recenty started getting more into anal play and it is sooo good, i voted no but that is definately abut to change as we have bought coconut oil and we’re ready to go!

  13. Excuse my naïveté, but should you only try this with a condom? My hubby prefers not to use condoms whenever possible as he tells me it reduces his sensations. Anal s__ seems like an opportunity for me to give him a tighter love making experience, but if a condom is recommended—it might reduce his pleasure. Just seeking advice from a gal who has done this.

  14. Although condoms make things more hygienic, you do not need to wear a condom in order to have anal sex. Many couples choose to go ‘bareback.’ Just make sure that you do not re-insert the penis into the vagina after it has been in the anus.

  15. We have tried it awhile ago and we loved it but we haven’t done it in a while but that is about to change soon 😉

  16. What if the wife wants to use a toy on her husband? Is there any pleasure there for a man? And what kind of satisfaction could that possibly bring to the wife? Risks?

  17. Yes there is pleasure there for a man. This is talked about more in our Pegging article.

  18. i voted sometimes , my hubby and i both enjoy this sexual exercise. we are both very careful and communicate very well. but still sometimes it can hurt. it can be some of the best sensations out there but is set aside for times when the kids are sleeping very well (not often).

  19. We’ve never really considered it an option (mostly because hubby is very well endowed), but he sometimes rubs my anus with his thumb in the doggy style position. It feels more wonderful than I tell him. Someone’s post mentioned her husband actually inserting a finger at the point of climax. I may have to ask DH to try that 🙂

  20. I answered “sometimes when I am in the mood” I am talking about anal penetration which I assume is what the poll is referring too and I get in the mood when we have been playing around for a while. We would never do anything anal without being properly prepared for it and sometimes that preparation leads to getting in the mood.

    As far as anal play we do that quite often during touching, oral, mb, and intercourse – it really adds an entirely new dimension to the intensity of the orgasms. I hit the roof the first time my HB’s finger slipped back there at the beginning of an orgasm. This led to me asking him to do it during oral, then again the next time he was fingering me, and again when using a toy. All this taught me how different the orgasms were with anal added. Out of curiosity we gradually progressed to anal only to see if orgasms were possible and they WERE! OMGoodness! I found I could orgasm from anal, anal/vaginal, and of course vaginal each being different and unique and depending on the type of anal play those are even different.

    There is so much sexually anal has added to our LM. We have more variety with the addition of anal and of course I discovered it has quite an effect on my husband as well. He also has the most outrageous orgasms when anal play is added to him! So for Mr.Don’tKnow & hotmomma – we have discovered quite a new fun way to ml, especially when I only want to please him. 🙂

    Out of it all, dual play/penetration brings the most massive of orgasms for both of us. We have since added additional toys to aid in our orgasms which has increased both our libido 100 fold. My husband is happy as a lark! We are saving up for a new purchase considering trying out a few new ideas for when one of us is out of town or unavailable or perhaps just for the viewing pleasure of the other.

    With regards to penal anal penetration, I understand the fear of the girth a HB’s penis and we do not do this very often for that very reason but after an extended time of play I am able to accommodate my HB’s penis anally. However, I much more prefer his penis vaginally and a smaller strapon anally for DP. I have never experienced orgasms so intense in my life!

    We both still have a lot to learn about one another as well as our own bodies; it takes time, patience, willingness, and openness to learn together and we have been having so much fun doing this.

  21. Anal sex is amazing! We played around with it from day one. I voted, more often that not because we pretty much have some time of anal play or sex weekly. The reason it is not all the time is because we like to be prepared for it so that anything goes. We both enjoy anal – giving and receiving. I have to initiate it for my husband to receive it and he does so enjoy it but will not initiate on his own. As for me all I have to do his back up to him and rub my backside against him and WHAM we are soon going at it in some form or fashion.

  22. I agree with cumingirl, you do not have to use condoms for anal but is certainly makes clean up easier and allows for more continuous sex for us. My husband has never claimed it was not as good with a condom with regards to anal though vaginal he does claim that. We use condoms anally and he enjoys himself immensely as do I. i definitely cannot tell the difference. We also use condoms for vaginal sex for specific reasons that I will not get into now but it certainly feels better to the both of us vaginally without them.

  23. We tried it a few times early in our marriage, but we have not since then — some 20 years later. We have talked about it a few times lately, but we decided that it was not for us.

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