Sneak Attack

When was the last time you did something unexpectedly to your husband?  I am talking about totally blindsiding him?   The move I am going to describe can be done almost anywhere at any time and best of all, it takes no skill what-so-ever.   It is a great way to spice things up without going too far out of your comfort zone.

What could this ultra simple move be that can be done virtually anywhere?  It is simple.  Just sneak up from behind and do whatever comes naturally.  Coming in from a different angle gives your husband different sensations and it also gives you a totally different view than approaching him from the front.  Some ideas to tantalize your man are to take your nails and gently graze his back, starting at the base of his neck, along his shoulders, down his buttocks, and to the back (and inner thigh) of his legs.   He will most likely be putty in your hands at this point.  You can whisper your inner most thoughts into his ear, be as descriptive as you can. 

Don’t be shy about fondling him from this position.  He will receive totally different sensation from your hand grasping his penis at this angle opposed to head on.   The hand placement won’t be totally foreign to him because this is similar to the hand position he would use to masturbate.  You can make it unique by paying attention to other erogenous zones while you are stroking him.   Fondle his testicles from behind, keep grazing his buttocks, or tease his anus if he is into anal play.  These are things he would not be able to do very easily on his own and I guarantee it will drive him wild!!

Easy enough, right?  I am sure some of you already include this move in your bag of tricks but I just wanted to remind you girls that you don’t need to go crazy to spice up your sex life.  I know many women like having face to face contact with their husband.  If that is the case, you can you this as foreplay and then move so that you are face to face or position him in front of a mirror so that you can see his expression.  Remember, changing things up is what helps to keep the fires burning.   Have fun!!

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