Monday’s Mission #66

Your mission this week is to consider how your bedroom could be more romantic. Does it need to be tidier? Could you add a dimmer switch? Candles? Music? Is it comfortable to be in? Do you feel relaxed in there? Could you add anything to make it more inviting for you and your husband? We want to be sure that our bedrooms are a place where both you and your husband enjoy spending time.


  1. I recommend pinning the four corner of a handkerchief over your light bulb if it hangs from the cieling. Depending on the color of the cloth it will create a soft, romantic lighting without any extra costs.

  2. Very creative! I wonder if it was a high watt light bulb if that could pose a fire hazard? But I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as it was taken down after LM. 🙂 I might give it a shot!

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