Position #78: Two On a Chair

Like it hints in the title, you will need a kitchen chair for this position.  The wife simply gets on her knees on top of the chair and leans over the back.  The husband stands behind her and then places one of his legs up on top of the chair beside her knees.  He is then able to crouch down and enter from behind.  The position will look  like this.

The husband holds on to his wife’s hips while the wife holds on to the back of the chair.  He can switch legs and vary his arm placement as needed for comfort.  This position will also work for anal sex as well.

Pros: The husband is able to fondle his wife’s breasts from behind.

Cons: The wife’s knees may become sore unless she has a chair pad or cushion in the chair.


  1. Oh wow Im definitely trying this, me likey!

  2. Can’t wait to try this tonight…thanks for this website!! Been married 17 years and need new experiences:) Thanks!

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