Monday’s Mission #67

Your mission this week is to think about another couple or two whom you and your husband are friends with. Call up the ladies and plan a group date to bless your husbands. You can surprise them completely with everything or just have a few surprises about the date. Have fun encouraging your friends to love generously. You might want to do a fun filled day at the beach or a very romantic at home dinner party or dinner out at a restaurant. Just plan a fun evening for you all to celebrate your friendship and your marriages.


  1. We have a group of friends that all attend church together, went to high school with (at least the 4 girls and 2 of the guys) and our children are about the same ages. We have known each other a long time and very very well. We go out about once every other month or so. It’s a great time. We’ll have to try the “surprise” thing. We usually go to dinner and a concert or ball game, or someone house, however we do go on a couples retreat every year also and that’s fun!

  2. we… don’t really have anybody like that. Well, except some couples who could be our parents 🙂

  3. Don’t let that stop you. My husband and I have couples of all ages who we really enjoy spending time with. Some are in their 50s. Some are in their 20s. Having a wide range of friends is really fun. 🙂

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