Weekly poll #8: Are you happy with the intimacy in your marriage?


  1. my husband and i have had a greater intimacy level since my sexual awakening a month ago. our sex life is better than ever and with all of your info on your site ,theres always a surprise for him. he loves that i found all of this great information and its helped us to be stronger as a couple.

  2. I voted “we used to”. Unfortunately, my husband has been depressed, and won’t do anything about it, for several years now. It very much hampers our marriage relationship as a whole.

  3. I’d have to answer YES! It is always good and plenty 🙂

  4. I votes yes but could be better simple because I don’t think marital intimacy can ever be perfect. No matter how well you are doing you can always do better. We are doing great right now but there is always room to get better.

  5. Always room for improvement! 🙂

  6. My hubby & I had a very intimate marriage when we first got married (21+ years ago), but after having 2 babies, my interest in intimacy diminished greatly and seemed like it became a chore. One day while I was praying I asked the Lord to balance my hormones and restore my passion, I had no idea I had a hormone inbalance, but this just came out of my spirit while I was praying. Things began to improve greatly. This taught me that God wants our marriages to be full of intimacy and passion and He is more than willing to help us in this area, if we would just ask. So if the intimacy level isn’t where you want it to be, make it a matter of prayer. I answered the survey as yes, but could be better, because until we get to heaven, nothing is perfect, but we’re striving toward it.

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