Position #79: The Randy Raft

My husband and I have done this one before, but we didn’t have a specific name for it.  I was happy to find it on Cosmo and I love the name they gave it!  If you have a pool then listen up cause this is the perfect summer position!

This position is for those of you with above or below ground pools, or who have access to a lake.  You take a simple inflatable lounge raft (made for pools) and have the wife lay down on it on her belly.  (Make sure you are in shallow water.)  She then scoots down to where her bottom is even with the edge of the raft and her legs are hanging off.  The husband walks up to her and grabs her legs and holds them up.  He positions himself in between her legs and is able to penetrate while holding her legs up.  She holds on to the raft while he is holding on to her thighs thrusting.  Cosmo has the perfect little picture of this position, found here.

Pros: The wife is able to be lazy and just lie down on the raft, letting her husband take control.  Very easy and relaxing!  This position can be used with vaginal or anal sex.

Cons: Make sure you don’t get sunburned!  Water may interfere with penetration so you may need a silicone based lube.

Tip: The wife can also turn over on her back for a change of pace.


  1. Ooooh. Now if we just had a private pool…

  2. fun!! maybe it would work in a really big bathtub?

  3. maybe if the husband knelt you could do it in a big tub. Durned, we’ve got neither large tub, nor pool (no lake access either). But SOMEDAY we are getting a big huge jacuzzi tub. Saving up change in my piggy bank.
    We just need a house that this tub will fit in 😀

  4. We did something similar, just for foreplay, but LOVED it! Our variation though is a rear entry spoon on the raft – “The Spooning Raft”. We both straddled the raft, him behind me. Then we wedged the raft on the edge pool to keep us from floating away with each thrust. We never got another chance to do it again before summer ended. 😦

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