Position #80: Waterlingus

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a cunnilingus position designed with a swimming pool or body of water in mind.  You will need a raft, tube, or noodle.

To begin with, the wife needs to get some type of flotation device.  Noodles work great for this, or some type of small raft.  The couple goes to wherever the ladder or steps are in the pool and the husband leans back or sits on them.  The wife lies back onto her noodle in a floating position, and puts her feet up on the ladder or side of the pool, around her husband’s head.  The husband is now able to pull her into him and give her oral sex.  This one should be pretty easy to picture, but just in case, click here.

Pros: Another carefree position for the wife.

Cons: Make sure your flotation device keeps you afloat!


  1. I have a question… Never having tried any type of water sex I don’t know for sure but when I think of a pool I think of cold and aren’t you supposed to take a cold shower to get rid of sexual frustration? Does anyone think that it could make you feel less responsive/aroused or am I way off? Again I have no personal experience.
    Now hot tub sex…. (or at least foreplay). That is a huge fantasy of mine!

  2. pool sex is awesome. planning on it tonite if storms don’t blow in and ruin things for us ( the child won’t be home).

  3. Waterlingus is great! My husband and I are still very new to sex, and my taste is very strong for him, but the water dilutes it for him so he doesn’t mind as much. He also loves it when I go down on him in the shower…we call it Fell-H2O!!

  4. willingtotry – I can now put in my input on your question from experience 😀
    I still think real cold water on a lukewarm day might be too cold for me (but maybe someone else wouldn’t mind it).
    However, cool (though not frigid) water on a hot day is wonderful 😀
    Plus there’s this – floating in the water makes me feel so light (a huge plus when I’m pregnant and therefore weigh more than I’ve ever weighed) that I was somehow more sensitive to touch.

    just try it if you can and you might find that you love it and want to do it again. Or you might just not care for it that much and that’s okay too.

  5. Funny, cause I already have the next 10 positions of the week typed up and scheduled on our blog, and the name of #82 is very similar to yours 😆 (You’ll see!)

  6. Your comment made me go from “Pool sex Eh” , to “I think this should be on my someday to do list”. 🙂

  7. As far as chilly water goes, we don’t have A/C, and our area is very hot and humid in summer. Sometimes I feel like I’m too wilted for sex. We don’t have a pool, but we get into a cold shower and it perks me right up! We’ve been having shower sex all summer, or else sex right after getting out of a cold shower. We joke about the stereotype of cold showers being a way to get OUT of the mood, because for us, “Let’s go take a cold shower” means “Let’s do it!!!!!!!”

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