Monday’s Mission #69

Your mission this week is to think about if you and your husband should start preparing for a fall or winter getaway weekend. Perhaps you are in a financial situation that requires you to save some money prior to going away or you need to figure out childcare or work issues. Weekend or overnight getaways are opportunities for you and your husband to build wonderful memories so I’d really encourage you to make this a priority if you can manage it. If you see obstacles in the way of you being able to do this, petition the Lord to remove them and make a way for you.

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  1. We just got back from our fall getaway weekend. We went to Chicago for a concert (same as our spring weekend) What fun. We usually stay in an upscale hotel and just enjoy the luxuries. (we booked a 4* for only $40.00 on price-line) We had a nice dinner, went to the concert, and had alot of intimate alone time. 🙂
    It’s about a 2 hour car ride so we get to talk about things, uninterupted, which is nice!
    I can’t wait for the next getaway! Time and money well spent.

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