Position #81: Rear Entry Pool Style

This is the third in my summer water positions series.  This one is a really fun rear entry one that is sure to please you both!

You will need a pool ladder for this one.  The wife will climb up the ladder to the second step, as if she is getting out of the pool.  She will hold on to the part of the ladder that connects to the cement.  The husband will come up behind her and stand on the bottom step.  He will grab hold of the ladder as well and pull himself up touching his wife’s bum.  He can then penetrate and begin to thrust.  The wife can also help with the thrusting by backing into her husband.  To see how this position looks, click here.

Pros: This is a unique take on an oldie but goodie!  This position works for both vaginal and anal sex.

Cons: You may need a silicone based lube to help with the water issues.

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  • August 2009
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