Monday’s Mission #70

Your mission this week is to consider having some middle of the night sex. Not every couple enjoys being awakened for sex, but if you and your husband enjoy it and you happen to wake up one  night, make the move and enjoy some lazy, sleepy sex.


  1. Sleepy sex is the best. Sometimes when we go to bed about by 10pm, come about 1 or 2 I wake up and can’t get to sleep. All I have to do is make just ONE move and it’s on! LOL Then when I wake up it’s always the best night of sleep.

  2. We just did this last night or this morning what ever you call 2am. I had to go out last night and returned home to everyone sleeping. My DH had even put clean sheets on the bed and was sleeping on top of the covers in silk boxers 🙂 looks like he had been planning something…I just couldn’t let him down! Always a great energizer for the morning.

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