Position #82: H2 FellatiO

We already had a summer cunnilingus position for swimming pools and bodies of water, so I felt it was only fair to feature a fellatio article as well!

This is a very simple position.  The husband goes and sits up on the ladder at the side of the pool.  The wife swims up and holds on to the sides of the ladder while giving fellatio to her husband.  If she needs to use her hands with her mouth, then she can use a noodle or two to help her stay afloat.  This position can also be accomplished by having the husband sit on the steps leading down into the shallow end of the pool instead of the ladder.  Click here to see a picture of this position.

Pros: Nice and relaxing for the husband.

Cons: The wife may find it awkward trying to stay afloat and give oral at the same time…so if the wife isn’t a strong swimmer then you may need to do this at the shallow steps.

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