Monday’s Mission #71

Your mission this week is to ask the Lord if there is anything in particular that you and your husband could do to deepen your intimacy. Maybe there is an area of your life were you could get free from sin or a way that you could honor one another in a new way. Maybe He wants to show you a new perspective of His love for the two of you or His plans for you as a couple. Maybe He wants to set new dreams in your hearts to draw you to a more united path. Take the time to seek Him this week about specific strategies for growing in love for one another.


  1. Encouraging mission CS,
    My DH and I have been married for 22 years and have a great marriage (in and out of the bedroom). I believe God is the reason for this. The times I’ve really noticed us growing together as a couple are when we are involved in something together. We have always been active in our church serving in different areas as individuals. We also serve together in a few ministries. We are the head of AWANA’s and of our Social Events in our church. It is in those two areas that God has blessed us and brought us closer as a couple. We continue to serve in the other areas (individually) because I think that’s important too, but would strongly recommend any Christian couple who wants to grow in there marriage to serve God together. No monitary pay, but great rewards!

  2. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in January and believe it or not, it’s been one of the best things for our marriage. It has caused us to really appreciate each other more and to make the most of every day (both in and out of the bedroom!!) We are more in love now than we’ve ever been and our intimacy grows daily. It’s hard to imagine that after 21 years of marriage things could still improve, but they are! So I encourage you, treat each day with your spouse as a gift from God because tomorrow has no guarantees. I appreciate your prayers for my hubby (J.R.) and we’re believing God for his total healing and restoration.

  3. I love hearing how God takes the really awful things in our lives and turns the enemy’s plans to harm us on it’s head, and instead it ends up being something that propels us further into the things of God. Thank you Lord! I will be praying for J.R.

    Thanks for sharing.

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