Weekly Poll #12: How did you find our blog?


  1. I can’t be certain, but I know I found it about the same time as I found the Peasant Princess series from Mars Hill Church. So either Driscoll mentioned it, or the blogger that pointed me to the series mentioned it.

  2. my pastor, Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church, mentioned your site in a sermon.

  3. I was on my drive to work when a morning radio show mentioned and poked fun at your site. I didn’t laugh at their dumb jokes, but the site name intrigued me and I checked it out a few days later. I had been experiencing sexual frustration with my hubby and feeling really low for several weeks. My usual commute was by bus or train (no radio access), and I was running late that day. I have no doubt that the message was God-sent. How else would I have been driving my car on that day, listening to that radio station at just the right time? 😀

  4. I found it on a link that someone posted on a blogpost… A lady did a ‘1 corinthians 7’ challenge – true story, by the time the challenge was over, several participants were pregnant 😀 (due to morning sickness, I think some of those dropped out…)

  5. This site has been and is amazing, it so wonderful to have a group of christian women supporting our sexual desires. I found you through the pure bed site. This site has increased my desire to give my husband all his wants and desires and me the confidence to know I can please him after 7years of marriage and 3 children and another on the way I didn’t know it could be this could at this stage of our life. All my prayers and love for you girls that make this site possible!!!

  6. TMB! The place to be!

  7. My husband heard about your blog on secular radio. So, maybe I should have checked the ‘my husband told me about it’ answer. But, we really enjoy each other…so, I was fine with it! 🙂

  8. I believe I first saw a link to the CN site on The Generous Wife site. The link was included in someone’s comment on the blog.
    …or else it was through the Peasant Princess (Mars Hill Church) , or through Shannon Ethridge’s site. (SexuallyConfidentWife.com).

  9. through covenant spice

  10. Looking up info in Nicole and Paul Johnson and found your site and glad I did! 🙂

  11. this is great input everyone! We so appreciate you supporting us!

  12. I heard about it on a radio news program where they were discussing the site.

  13. Drudge Report link, maybe a year ago. I’m surprised I’m the only one.

  14. WOW! I had no idea that a much needed site like this existed. Thank you so much for this. I had a question about anal sex between a married man and woman and your site was very helpful in answering. God bless!!!! ❤

  15. Most likely TMB. I believe I saw of of the CN girls posting over there and liked what I saw.

  16. I was looking for different positions but didn’t want the porn, so I googled “Christian sex positions” I believe this site was the 2 or 3rd to come up.
    Once I read “what we stand for” I knew we’d be cyber friends! 🙂

  17. Same here! Christian Marriage Bed seeing their comments!

  18. I think it must have been through Book22.com not sure though 🙂

  19. Several of us have done radio station interviews. Have any of you heard them? If you did, what show were you listening to when you heard us?

  20. No never have, but would of liked to. I listen to christian radio K-Love. Next time you do let us know and I’m sure lot’s of us would tune in.

  21. My husband and are so happy to have found this site. Thank you.

  22. I think the friend that recommended the site was doing so as a joke but she commented that it looked very interesting

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