Book Review: Moral Revolution

Kris Vallotton is on the pastoral staff of a church that has been a very great blessing to me, Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Being someone who likes to read about Biblical sexuality, I was excited to get this book and hear what Kris had to say. The following is the synopsis of the book:

Moral Revolution is a non-religious, intimate, and honest look at sex.

Moral Revolution was written for radical lovers and passionate people who dream of being catalysts to another sexual revolution-one that transforms the way the world views sexuality, defines the unborn, and embraces the family.

Moral Revolution seeks to inspire a culture of noble people to walk in purity, passion, and power and to help restore those who have fallen into immorality.

Moral Revolution is a training manual that will equip you to survive the battlefield of your own sex drive, overcome the power of peer pressure, and push back the cesspool of distorted cultural values.

Moral Revolution will help you to emerge from combat with your trophy of purity intact so that you can present it to your lover on your honeymoon night. Many who have fallen in this battle or have been wounded in this war will find hope and courage to start over again.

Please note: This review is based on the previous version of this book, Sexual Revolution. Although a little bit of the content has been changed, it still contains the same message.

Sexual Revolution is not a book only for married people, but rather it is a wonderful explanation of WHY the Lord established sex for a husband and wife and as such it is appropriate for both single and married people. I look forward to reading it with my own children when they get closer to adolescence. It is a refreshing presentation of purity as something worth fighting for. In fact, the author points out that one of the reasons we have a sex drive before God wants us to enjoy it with our spouse is so that when we give them our virginity, we give them something that we fought for.

It begins with a parable which is a short story about a young man who discovers a valuable ring in his adolescence that he works very hard to obtain and then protect until the day he can give it to “the woman of his dreams” on his wedding night. The ring is a symbol for virginity and purity. Later in the book the author explains how he and his wife made conversations about sex common in their home and that as their children came into puberty they would take their kids on dates and talk about the value of purity. Since no one just happens to still be a virgin on their wedding night, he and his wife talked with them about how to come up with a plan so that they would be able to give their virginity to their spouse on their honeymoon. And when their children felt that they were ready to covenant with the Lord to remain pure, the author and his wife lead their children in a prayer of commitment and gave them rings as an outward sign of the vow. I really like how Kris expressed that it was he and his wife leading them, but their kids were the ones who ultimately made the decision within themselves. This is an important factor in mentoring the next generation to value their purity.

Here are several of my favorite quotes from the book (emphasis added by me):

Having a desire for sex is normal, not something that you should feel guilty about…. Sadly, many people withdraw from God in their teen years because they feel guilty for having sexual desires. They begin to believe lies about themselves, thinking, I must not be a righteous person because of these desires. There is something wrong with me. That’s just not true! Sex was God’s idea, and it’s good. The goal isn’t to destroy your sexual passion but to manage it in a way that you rule it and not the other way around.

Because God is the One who designed and activated your sex drive, it follows that He has both wisdom and strength for directing it towards its true purpose. He doesn’t want you to withdraw from Him as you deal with your thoughts and feelings; He wants you to run to Him…. The war in your soul can get so intense at times that you will need His help to win these battles and hold on to your trophy, especially in the midst of a perverted and hostile world.

All of us must have someone in our lives whom we trust more than we trust ourselves. Every one of us is susceptible to deception, and the nature of deception is that we don’t know it when we are deceived. Therefore, when someone tells you that you have a problem in a certain area of your life, it usually doesn’t feel real. You have to trust what the other person is saying to you more than you trust your feelings if you are going to be delivered from deception.

I call cohabitating the prime expression of the “Judas spirit” because, at Jesus’ going away party, He said to His team, “…One of you will betray Me.” None of His guys knew who the backstabber was until Jesus suggested that they make a covenant. That’s when Judas decided that he was out of there. Later Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss because the Judas spirit always wants intimacy without covenant!

Perversion has an ecosystem that sustains, perpetuates and nurtures itself. As perversion grows in a society, people begin to withhold their affection so that they won’t be perceived as sexual predators. As people withhold their affection, a famine of love begins to grow in the land. In a society starving for affection, love-deprived folks begin to lower their sexual standards to obtain some affection. As they break their moral barriers to do this, perversion increses. This, of course, causes even more people to withhold their love, and the beat goes on and one.

Towards the end of the book, Kris takes a chapter and addresses the issue of abortion. It’s one of the most compelling pieces of literature on abortion that I have ever read. Filled with God-given wisdom, it is a good balance between truth and grace. One of the strongest points for me to read was how glaringly obvious it is that so many human mothers have departed from the basic instinct to protect her young. You see it everywhere when you look at wild life, but several key elements in the last 150 years have had a significant effect on dulling this instinct in a lot of women. This YouTube video is of Kris sharing a dream he had from the Lord about His heart regarding abortion, which is also explained in the book. Be warned that it is explicit and may be disturbing for some readers.

One of the ending chaptera is the story of a young couple who fell in love and had to work through the issue of a painful and promiscuous past on the part of the girl. Some time ago someone wrote into our CN blog and ask about secondary virginity. In my response to that email I said that I had never heard of a miracle of the hymen being reconnected, but it stood to reason that given the other creative miracles I have heard about, that it is certainly possible that the Lord could do it. In this closing chapter of Sexual Revolution, Kris gives a testimony of he and his wife praying for this girl to have her virginity restored and after the couple was married they found that God had, in fact, reconnected her hymen.

This is definitely a book that I will keep in my library for many years. You can access it here if you wish to purchase it.

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