Position #83: Water Love

To end my summer water series positions, I thought I’d give a simple position that many of you may appreciate.  For this position it may be best if you both lube up with a silicone based lube beforehand and then get into the pool, lake, or ocean.  This is a pretty discrete position that you can disguise as a hug/kiss/conversation.

You simply go out into water that is about chest high, and then the wife is able to “jump up” into the husband’s arms and wrap her legs around him.  The husband can penetrate and thrust while standing there holding his wife.  They can hug and kiss and talk and passers-by won’t think twice.

Pros: This is a GREAT position for couples that have always wanted to accomplish standing sex but were unable to do so.  The water helps to hold up the wife’s weight, so there is no strain at all on the husband.

Cons: Some couples dislike water sex because of the friction the water causes.


  1. This is a very discreet way to have a bit of fun in the pool with your DH. I wish we had our own pool to do this more often!

  2. Some concern about having sex in water. Salt, chlorine, or nasty microbes can all get forced up into the vagina by the necessary motions, leading to irritation or infection. There have been studies done that show that chlorine can alter the natural pH of the vagina, leaving the woman vulnerable to yeast infections. Lakes and oceans have all kinds of fun things living in them, and believe me, UTIs are not fun.

    That being said, lots of people have sex in water, and probably only a small percentage of them have any trouble. Just be sure to use adequate lubrication to avoid irritation.

    Also keep in mind that if condoms are your method of choice for birth control, they tend to be more likely to slip off underwater- I don’t know what the chemicals in pool water would do to the latex.

    I apologize if these concerns have been aired before.

  3. He did this once at a resort in the islands. When we were done, some scuba divers surfaced and gave us a thumbs up. I was so embaressed at the time, but now we laugh about it.

  4. Godsgift…I laughed out loud when I read that. That is sooo funny!

  5. I’m sad. 😦 the summer is coming to an end and no water sex for us. Maybe will have to try these positions in a hot tub. Dh and I have a get away weekend coming up soon!

  6. If the lube is not working, and if you are in a private hot tub, the foreplay is great, then just get up out of the water to climax–stand up, or crouch on one of the seats, or brace your legs against the seats for traction.

  7. I have always found it really hard to orgasm while I am sitting in water even if he is doing oral which usually always sends me over the edge. My husband and I use the lube that helps in water but I still have to stand up in order to orgasm. Really strange because it seems like my girlfriends have a hard time orgasming unless they are laying down. Now if we are in the shower and I’m bent over I can orgasm everytime.

  8. LOL! I’m giving you TWO thumbs up! 🙂

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