Weekly Poll #13: Do you shave your pubic areas?


  1. I “trimmed” once. My hubby did NOT like it. So, I stick with “au naturale.”

  2. Shave, no, but we both wax.

  3. I did shave once, about a year ago, and neither of us really liked it. What I do now is a nice little trim job. Not too short, but definitely tidier than au natural to me, especially during my monthly time. DH likes this too, though he sticks w/ au natural for himself.

  4. Well, I couldn’t vote because I do sometimes. Its not happening right now because I’m pregnant and can’t see down there at all. 🙂 But when I’m not I do shave for my husband sometimes. He loves it and I would keep it up always if the regrowth wasn’t so bad.

  5. I spludged for laser hair removal painful but the best thing ever! No more shaving!

  6. My DH loves it when I shave, enjoys the physical and visual pleasure from it. He shaved once and I hated it, personally I think a hairy man is sexy! Just a suggestion, invite your DH to give you the shave!

  7. I shaved once, and did not like the way it looked, hubby was not into it either. Plus I always get razor burn, so that wasn’t cool. I do trim very short, though. I think it feels cleaner, looks better, and allows for better sensation. I tried to convince hubby to let me give him a trim once, and he wouldn’t have it!

  8. I shave only in the summer, because I ware swimsuits. My hubby likes it when I shave, but it is too itchy when it comes back in.

  9. i will go with trimmed, but not shaved…i love it that my hubby shaves. He shaved once for fun and kept going because he gets more oral attention when he does. So much nicer to give when hair isn’t in the way.

  10. Waxing is the best choice. Shaving causes bumps and ingrown hairs and the itching is terrible! When I can’t make time to get to a salon, I use a razor to trim up the sides and now there is a razor with trimmer attached. It trims the hair very short.

    My husband loves this look. I like it, too. It is a lot cleaner around your period as well. If you want him to take notice, give this a try.

  11. I’ve always kept that area trimmed. Since finding this site I’ve gotten up the nerve to shave everything. My DH and I are loving it. I would love to get a wax, but I don’t think I would be comfortable having someone do it. Maybe someday I’ll get brave enough.

  12. “Waxing is the best choice. Shaving causes bumps and ingrown hairs and the itching is terrible!”

    you have to shave every day, and in every direction, both with and against the grain of the hair, and moisturize.

    it actually it is very quick after the first time.

  13. LisaB,
    I’m really interested in the waxing thing. Do you do it yourself or do you go somewhere and have it done?

  14. you misread my post, i shave not wax.

    the trouble with waxing, apart from pain, is that you have to let your hair grow back before you wax again.

  15. I am the wife, and no, I do not shave my pubic hair, except for a little “trim” for swimsuit season.

  16. I have just shaved everything for the first time. He LOVES it, and I am not disliking it. Much easier to shave everything than to just do the bikini line and keeping things even. Does anyone have opinions of Coochy After Shave Mist that Covenant Spice sells? Is it worth it, as I am getting a little sensitive in some areas. Thanks for all you wonder ideas and thought provided on all subjects

  17. I use a process called “sugaring”. It’s similar to waxing, but not nearly as messy. With wax, once the wax hardens there’s only one way to get it off – painfully. With sugaring, you can get in warm water and it just washes off. I use Moom brand (look for it online) and do it myself, but I have had a few Brazilian wax jobs before so now I feel more comfortable trying it myself. It is SO much cheaper than going in for a Brazilian!

  18. Closely trimmed, but not shaved. I wonder if shaving would be easier. Electric razor?

  19. no, an electric razor is not as close as a real razor.

    the hardest part is the first time you shave, that can take a looooooooooong time if your husband decides to “help”

    after the first time it takes two minutes to shave every day.

  20. Landing strip for me fiting since DH is a pilot….he trims but does not shave

  21. I have always wondered about lazer removal down there. Shaving is such a hassel, and that sounds like a great solution. What did it cost? Did you have to go in for more than one treatment? Side effects???

    Thank you so much,

  22. used to wax, but it thins the dermal layers, causing hyperpigmentation and more rapid aging. I dont want to age down there, too! I do a combo of epilator to keep it thin, and shave for touch ups. but I epi my whole body… legs and privates about every 3 -5 days, arms monthly. H uses the elec trimmer for a nice tidy area and razors the testicals, hope thats not tmi… but that is they way I prefer it for our oral fun.

  23. Question: has anyone heard why shaving has become more common in recent years? I’ve heard some people relate it to the presence of pornography in our culture. I’ve even heard someone suggest that it was due to influence of Middle Eastern cultures, where body shaving is supposed to be a longstanding practice. I don’t know. Any ideas? Can’t see that the Bible says anything particularly about it, one way or the other. Just wondering…

  24. Fads come and go, but the idea of shaving pubic areas goes back a LONG way. It really lost popularity when sex became something that wasn’t talked about or encouraged in a healthy marriage. In the 70s and 80s not shaving was common with everyone going towards being “natural,” and now shaving has resurfaced as a spicy part of the sexual relationship.

    It is my conviction that just because something happens in porn, it doesn’t rule it out for a godly marriage.

  25. I shave … H doesn’t. He really likes it. It can be a hard place to get smooth!

  26. I trim but I do not shave, DH likes “a little bush”.

  27. My point, also, Becky. High five to your DH. Obviously, a man of discernment and taste! …(lol!)

  28. I trim just some around the area, bikini line and such, but I have a big problem with razor burn even using sensitive skin products. I don’t want it all off, I think the hubby likes it as is–he didn’t marry me for my hair(head or otherwise) he tells me. I do like it to look tidy though, but I get frustrated by the razor burn and itching as it grows back, any tips?

    That said, I can’t imagine asking him to shave anything down there since it’s so uncomfortable for me, I can’t imagine how he’d feel with razor burned parts or itch re-growth. Men scratch enough down there, know what I’m sayin’ ladies? Anyway, that’s just a personal preference, I like him au naturale!

  29. Learning,
    I also like my DH natural. I though have started shaving everything. My DH loves it and I also enjoy it as well. I am shaving with hair conditioner. I have always had a hard time with razor burn, but since using conditioner I do not have the burn anymore!
    I am not saying that you have to shave everything, being tidy for your DH is a great thing. It helps me to shave every other day so the regrowth does not bother me. If I shave everyday my skin gets sore. I also only use a razor twice and then through it away. I go through more razors this way, but I prefer to spend a little more $ than to have the razor burn. I hope this helps! Good luck! I have learned to do all of this from CN! Thanks everyone!

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