Position #84: The Hot Seat

This is a nice position that is easy to transition to from rear entry.  The husband will kneel on his knees on the bed or even on the floor.  He will then open his legs up so that his wife has room to move in.  The wife will back into her husband’s lap (also in a kneeling position) and place her feet inside of his.  They penetrate and sit up together.

Another way to get into position is to get into your typical rear entry position with the husband behind his wife, and the wife’s legs inside her husband’s legs. He will then lean over and hug his wife.  They both then sit up together and kneel back onto their feet and knees together.  The wife is able to reach around and hold on to her husband’s rear or reaches above and holds on to her husband’s neck and shoulders.  The husband does the thrusting and has easy access to his wife’s breasts.  Kissing is possible if the wife turns her head around.

Pros: Very easy and comfortable position.  The husband has access to his wife’s breasts and clitoris.

Cons: After a while you may get tired of being on your knees.


  1. ok..need help with this one…gotta pic?LOL My husband is bigger than me..I don’t think this would work they way I have it pictured in my head.

  2. I don’t have a pic for it. Think “doggie style” but with your legs on the inside and your husband’s legs outside of yours (it makes it tighter). Then you both kind of sit up together and he keeps thrusting while you are both ‘up’ on your knees. When we do it here, we can see ourselves in my dresser’s huge mirror 🙂

  3. This is a fun position, but it can be hard on my legs (they get shakey) if it goes on too long. I can only last about ten minutes like this then we usually just fall forward onto the bed while he is still penetrating me and finish that way. A kind of rear entry missionary position.
    I still need more mirrors in my room! 🙂

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