Q&A: Clitoral Pumps

“I am inquiring about the clitoral pump/stimulators.  They supposedly vibrate (some kinds anyway) Wondering if anyone here has had experience with them, and if they are worth using.  If so who sells the best one?”

I bought one a few years back.  It works fairly well.  There are many different kinds out there, but the one I bought was from Slumber Parties.  (Just search for clitoral pump.)  Let’s talk about how these things work…

The wife places the mouth of the pump/stimulator over her clitoris and holds it in place.  With her other hand she squeezes the pump.  It gently sucks the clitoris up into the mouth part.  The wife is able to pump it as many times as is comfortable for her, and yes, there is an easy to use ‘release valve’ that immediately releases if you get it too tight.  Then, once you have that part done, you can turn on the motor.  Most pumps have different speeds to choose from.  Up inside of the mouth there are lots of soft stimulators that should be touching the clitoris at this point.  When the motor is cut on, they start vibrating.  If you need it stronger then you cut it up to the next level.  The pump is supposed to bring more blood flow to the vulva area and specifically the clitoris, making the clitoris sensitive and aroused.  Then the vibrating stimulators are able to bring on orgasm.

Of course this doesn’t have to be used solo.  The husband can use this on his wife as well.  I have heard women speak of using this product together with their husbands, in an attempt to learn more about how their bodies work.  Amazon even has one that looks very similar to the one I purchased.  I believe that this would be a very good beginner toy or something to be utilized by someone trying to learn to orgasm.  I like it, and can indeed orgasm by it, but prefer stronger direct stimulation myself.  For that reason, I will give mine a rating of 3½ pepper hearts on our scale.

I’d like to hear from others out there who have tried clitoral pumps yourself.  Are you satisfied with your purchase?  Did it not meet your expectations?   If you have any advice for the woman who wrote in to us, please feel free to leave a comment!


  1. The pump that I have is not just a clitoral pump but for the entire clitoral and vaginal area. Mine does not have a motor of any kind on it, just the cup piece that you place on your girlie goodies that leads to the hand pump via a hose (with quick release valve). Slow and steady is the best way to get results for this so do some research so you or your spouse does it correctly. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to get the best results so make sure you have plenty of time. The lips around your vagina and your clitoral area will be more engorged and sensitive. When you get to the penetration part be ready for some awesome sensations with the whole area being engorged. My husband said it felt great to him too. He didn’t last very long after using it on me because it excited him so much. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve EVER had!

  2. Well I don’t know about that pump but a friend (a very good one obviously) bought me something called the Eroscillator. I have to say I was a bit hesitant but OMG! If I am not careful I can have an orgasm in less than a minute. It is good!

  3. It’s not a pump, but my hubby is planning to get the LayaSpot by Fun Factory for my birthday coming up. It’s a “clitoral massage” device.

  4. I just ordered a pump and hope it works well for me.PLEASE TELL ME IT WILL WORK!!LOL I am 50, married to an awesome, Christian man who is is wonderful to me and will do anything for me- sexually and otherwise. I have an eroscillator but I can’t have orgasms even with it. I almost get there with it- if you know what I mean. I never in my whole life have had any problems until recently. I have had 1 orgasm in the last nine months and I am SOOO frustrated. I have even tried masturbation but it doesn’t work either. I am on Cymbalta and wonder if that is the culprit. I recently ordered women’s viagra from Canada and even THAT did nothing. I was so disappointed. Any suggestions will be welcomed! This site is awesome. I just found it tonight!

  5. It is very likely that the Cymbalta is at fault there. You could try using Maca – there are many good companies that make herbal products with Maca in them. What I would highly recommend though is to see a naturopathic doctor, he or she can help you with the depression, or other issue that has you on the drug and help with natural treatments instead.

  6. Sorry you’re going through this! No fun. I would guess the Cymbalta is the problem. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about switching meds.

    But, in case it’s not the medication, remember that your mind is your most important sex organ! I had gotten to the point that orgasm was just not happening anymore. It was so frustrating and made me feel so old. I found a couple of things that not only helped me have orgasms again, but brought about a complete sexual awakening in my life – what a blessing! I not only started having orgasms again,but had multiple orgasm all the time! My engine was really revved up!

    I had to let go of trying to have an orgasm for one thing. I just decided to enjoy the feelings my husband was giving me and not even try to orgasm. I also read some romance novels.This is controversial, I understand, but was a really big part of my sexual awakening. I finally understood why my mind was the most powerful sexual tool I had. Then, I finally started reading about how to have orgasms, what I could do to help myself, and found some really good advice that did the trick. Then, finding websites like this one, and The Marriage Bed, and watching Mark Driscoll’s Peasant Princess series, have all been very helpful.

    Good luck!

  7. I would love to know what specific advice you found helpful, I am still a newlywed (almost 1 year!) but I have not been able to orgasm. I can get close but never all the way. I mainly think I have to keep my head out of it, and not “try” to. Hard to do… Ideas?

  8. Thanks girls. I am implementing your ideas and I feel confident it will help sooner or later. The clitoral pump works as far as engorging things but frankly, it hurts. Even when I apply a small amount of pressure. I am reading some good books about the problem and I always come up with the same thing- it’s my brain. I tried switching antidepressants but that didn’t work. I will let you know how it goes!

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