Position #85: Shake Your Tail Feathers

This is a slightly unusual position that can be difficult to do.  To start out, have the husband sit on the bed with his legs open and outstretched.  The wife will sit inside his legs facing away from him.  She then will move so that she is lying on her belly in the space between her husband’s legs, and her legs are both outstretched to either side of her husband.  So she is on her belly and he is still sitting up.  She is able to back into him for penetration.

It may be easier for the wife to straddle her husband (facing away) and lower herself onto his penis, and then lay down on her belly.  She can hold on to his legs for leverage and he is able to hold on to her thighs, rear, or hips.  There is a wonderful picture of this position found here, thanks to Cosmo online.

Pros: The husband gets a great view.  It offers a unique angle.

Cons: Some men find it uncomfortable for their penis to bend this way.

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  • September 2009
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