Position #86: The Buttler

Yes, I meant to spell it that way.  😉   The Buttler is a simple, standing, oral sex position that can be used on the husband or wife.

To get into position have the wife stand a couple of feet away from the bed or dresser or desk or sofa or other piece of furniture.  Have her spread her legs approximately three feet apart and then bend over and hold on to the furniture.  The husband will kneel behind her and use his hands to “open” her up.  He is then able to give her oral from behind.  The fact that she cannot see him and won’t be able to anticipate his moves will be thrilling!

This can also be done with the husband bending over and holding on to a piece of furniture.  If the wife can’t easily access the penis this way, then she can give oral attentions to his testicles, perineum, and anus instead…trust me when I say that he won’t complain.

Try ringing your own bell and asking your spouse to come “service you” by kneeling and performing The Buttler.

Pros: This is a great position for rimming, as hinted at by the title 😆

Cons: No eye contact here.

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  • September 2009
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