Monday’s Mission #73

Your mission this week is to have a look at your sexual confidence level. Without a doubt, no matter what you bring to the table sexually with your husband, he will enjoy it even more if you do it with confidence. Notice I didn’t say perfection. You don’t have to be perfect, but if you own your sexuality and choose to use it as a blessing to your husband, you are really going to knock his socks off. Enjoy that you were made to be a delight to him and offer him the gift of a wife who gives herself without reservation.


  1. What an important mission! I was privilaged to be raised in a home where I was taught to do everything wholeheartedly as unto the Lord. If I’m a little shy about something I can pray and ask the Lord for confidence. Everything I do should be my best, (not perfect, as you said) but my personal best. I think we need to have confidence in everything we do and say and it will carry over to our sexuallity.
    This character quality comes easier to those who have been blesssed with a good life. Unstable homes, abuse of some sort and any form of disfunction in your upbringing can really hinder your self confidence and esteem. Not that it can”t be built back up, it just takes more work.
    I thank God for my upbringing and for blessing my marriage with this kind of confidence, both in and out of the marriage bed. 🙂

  2. Thank you intendedforpleasure,
    Where as I’ve never suffered from abuse in any way lack of confidence and fear of rejection is a constant obstacle for me.
    We think to pray for our friends, our family, our husbands our country, our world… But I never thought to pray for confidence in myself. I’ve thought to pray to be a good wife and mother but never to gain confidence in communication or just life in general. Thanks for the insight! I’ll work on that from now on!

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