Weekly poll #16: What version of the Bible do you use most frequently?

I know that myself I use several different versions for different reasons, but please choose the one you use MOST frequently.


  1. ESV English Standard Version

  2. Second for ESV. I like it because it is a more literal translation, but it is also easy to read.


  4. ESV

  5. I voted NIV b/c that’s what I’ve read the most, but since I’m more familiar with that now, I like to read the Holman Christian Standard Bible and the ESV (we just bought a copy)

    Whenever I do a more intense bible study, I typically consult all these versions AND the KJV and the amplified and whatever else I feel like.

    KJV goes along with most of the very best study materials, like the Strong’s exhaustive concordance, so for that reason I find it invaluable 😀

  6. ESV

  7. My first NIV Bible had a beautiful pink sunset picture on the front cover and photos of lovely scenery interspersed throughout. The Lord Jesus knew my quirks and gave me a piece of art…It lays faithfully on my bedside table; dust free. The contents page is ratty and there are dog earred pages throughout. Its leather-tooled, initialed, reinforcement cover is looking weather beaten. The edges are really looking yellowed!

    I have bits of doodled art work as bookmarks, from my kids placing their latest treasures : “to Mommy” in between the pages, from the last 23 years. I have pressed flower petals from my darling husband’s love gifts. There are specific hi-lighted colors on many pages for certain character trait passages that I have parented from for the last 23 years.

    My Bible has become an interesting picture of who I am. It is more than just a book on my bedside table. It is now a miniature story of my life and I am more in love with the words in its pages than ever.

  8. I also use the ESV – I grew up with the Living Bible Translation – but my husband turned me onto the ESV and I love it now!

  9. ESV

  10. The Scriptures. Love Love Love this translation! Very accurate.

  11. I use the Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Catholic Bible. One reason II like it is that it contains all of the scriptures that Jesus had available to him when He went to the Temple. As the years go by more and more verses get underlined.

  12. We are ESV readers here too.

  13. I love and use TNIV for everything, inc preaching to my congregation.

  14. Since I’m dutch and there are no dutch translations mentioned, I’ll have my say here:
    We ( my wife and me ) both use the NIV and the Willibrord translation.
    The latter being a dutch catholic translation. Since we translate some books, we searched for a dutch translation that is comparable to the english translations, so wordstudies can still be translated.

  15. When I got engaged 20 years ago my DH gave me a NIV as my first real bible. Two years ago I decided due to medical issues even with my glass I need a large print bible, at that time both my DH and I switched to using the NASB.

  16. New American Bible

    which is a standard catholic bible

  17. I use the Concordant Literal Version NT. “Concordant “means that there is one and only one English word that has been chosen for it’s accuracy before it’s made to stand for one and only one Greek word;. Hence, it is a ‘concordant’ translation. This method of translation helps to bring out meanings that are obscured for the traditional method of using one English word to stand for two, three and even four Greek words. So, likely, unless you have a really big vocabulary, you’ll have to look some words up as you first read because there are some English words used that don’t have a lot of usage these days!

    It will be a different read than you’ve known before.

    BTW, Ladiies, thanks so much for your work! I’ve linked my own Precious one to your sight. You love like she does and that is a very, very good thing!

    Be good!

  18. We use KJV at our house. My kids have to do memory work from this version for school, and it is what is used in our church. It’s an easy read for me because I grew up with it. I don’t think I even knew there were other versions out there until I was a teenager. We do also use NIV for cross reference and the Ryrie study bible. Our pastor uses many diffeerent translations in his studies, but preaches from the KJV.
    When I voted I thought I’d be the only one picking this (from the comments) but I see it’s one of the more popular.

  19. Amplified and NKJV

  20. KJV

  21. The NET Bible (New English Translation). I love this version and LOVE the translators notes – nearly 61,000 of them. It gives a lot of info of what the original GK or Hebrew word is. I love this version for studying the Bible.

  22. I like to use a KJV/AMP parallel, or a KJV/AMP/NASB/NIV. It’s easier to reference with various studying material.

  23. NRSV or TNIV, about equally!

  24. ESV

  25. ESV

  26. ESV or American Standard

  27. NIV

  28. NASV for readying but KJV for memorizing. Weird, I know but it is something that my mom instilled in us.

  29. ESV

  30. The NET Bible

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